By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s safe to say that 2012 was a really big year in the world of Beauty! Such a huge focus on crazy nails, bold braids and some wild hair colors has created such a creative frenzy! There were definitely some good moments and others I could not WAIT to fade out! Here are my top picks for the 10 Best and Worst Beauty Moments of 2012!

So gorgeous and if don’t right, this can not only accentuate your face shape, but also make you look super trendy!

The only time pink hair should ever be a permanent thing is on a wig! Bleaching your hair out to get it light enough to take pink is never a good idea! Plus, it looks pretty, but also kind of crazy, so wearing it everyday could get sickening!

Contouring your face has become ever-so-popular with celebrities like Kim Kardashian Instagraming photos of some pretty extreme contours! This continues to grow and is becoming a must for every makeup lover!

I love Nail Art and I the fact that it has become such a fun trend is amazing, but sometimes you come across those really super tacky nails and just wish they would stop! Especially when it comes to length, it’s important to be careful! There’s a fine line between fashionably pointy and looking like you came out of the hood!

I love BB Creams and they have literally become my go-to on a daily basis! I love that I can actually treat my skin while making it look flawless and pretty!

I honestly don’t know how this trend came about, but let me tell you, it is NEVER hot to dye your hair green! It might be fun, but the fade will look TERRIBLE!

I genuinely LOVE this trend! Obviously since my hair is ombre right now, BUT I am happy to see it go! It is so beautifying, but has been SOOOOO overdone it’s pretty ridiculous! So as much as I love you sweet ombre, bon voyage!

I soooo wished this look stayed on the runway! Ok, I’m not going to lie, when I first saw this on the catwalk, I couldn’t wait to try it, but after seeing how unflattering it has been on so many celebs, I’m very reluctant! It just makes their foreheads look ginormous and also does nothing for their face shape!

Ombre everything was so big this year, so it’s no surprise that Ombre Nails were pretty huge! I was so surprised with how easy it was to actually do Ombre Nails at home (check out my easy tutorial)!

I loved the Hair Bow on Gaga, but when it started popping up everywhere, it started to get a little tacky! I actually don’t hate this at all, and I’ve seen it look great, maybe 2013 will show some better ways to rock this, but in most cases, I just thought this looked a little too childish and not pretty at all!