By Huda Heidi Kattan

My obsession with brushes is seriously NO JOKE! Literally, I am always on the quest for better brushes and I think I have over around 400 now! My last trip to London I ended up buying an insane amount of Suqqu brushes from Selfridges! They were definitely pricey, the most expensive being around 170 GBP (1000 AED or $270), and as much I thought it was crazy to buy a brush for that much money, it is SOOOOO unreal! I actually bought a few of the brushes and I was soooo impressed!

The intensely soft hairs of the brushes (cut from baby blue squirrels) make it almost impossible not to blend out makeup perfectly! It literally creates the perfect canvas on your skin and everything comes out so natural and smooth–it’s fool proof since the design of the brushes is so beautiful that it spreads the makeup out perfectly!

My favorite brushes from the collection are the blush brush, the face brush, the dome brush and the large eye brush (all above). I actually bought some concealer brushes as well, but they didn’t stand out the way the way these brushes did!  Honestly worth every penny!