By Huda Heidi Kattan

It seems that most women unfortunately neglect some of the most IMPORTANT parts of our body! Our diet is one and I’m totally guilty of that, but also our hands and necks! These are areas where our age shows the most! You can botox the heck out of your face, but what about your neck? By the time you’re 30 you will start to wish you could erase those wrinkles, because believe me, they SUCK! I just recently started to notice mine and I wish I could get rid of them! I have found an AMAZING cream that not only feels great on, but has tightening the area around my neck and decolletage! The Strivectin Neck Cream is kick ass!!

I’ll be honest, personally Strivectin has been hit or miss for me–some products have been great, while others made me break out like crazy! Luckily this one came with zero breakouts, but A TON of moisture! I love this! Every woman over 25 should use this every night!