By Huda Heidi Kattan

I love it when products are created with the intention of giving back and the Susan Komen foundation is one of the best foundations to give to for women! I think this was created with such great intentions, that I seriously want to buy 100 bottles just for that reason! The woman who founded the Susan Komen Foundation, Nancy Binker was the sister to cancer patient Susan Komen. When her sister died of breast cancer she promised her that she would do everything she could to help fight this growing disease.

The fragrance, which is said to launch in April of this year, is one of the first initiates by the Susan Komen foundation within the perfume biz, but it seems it is the perfect fit!

“My sister was always passionate about fragrance, she had a great fashion sense.”

This perfume is to you Susan and every woman out there! Please spread the word about this new fragrance, you never know what impact we could actually have! The perfume was developed by Jean-Claude Delville and is a mix of oriental flower, mandarin, peony, black currant, white patchouli, wild orchid, rosewood, and musk.

image credits fragrantica