By Huda Heidi Kattan

Girls love pretty things, it’s a fact! Pretty Toys = HAPPY girl! And of course, pretty nails are a huge part of that! But let’s be honest, we’re all busy so it gets hard to make sure your nails are always perfectly in place! One of the only ways to really get perfect nails for weeks without worrying about hitting the salon is to use gel nails! I used to wear gel nails when I was in high school, but it was the traditional gel where they buffed the HECK out of your nails until it’s thinner than rice paper! So I gave it up after seeing how my nails became super unhealthy! My sister Mona, kept telling me she is obsessed with Bio Sculpture and when it comes to nails, she’s on point! Soooo I decided to give them a try and see if they were really worth all the time it takes to get them!

Here’s the deal with Bio Sculpture Gel Nails: For one, they don’t buff your nails any more than you would with a traditional mani and pedi, so I immediately liked that! There’s also no formaldehyde or harsh ingredients or in Bio Sculpture, which means any health concerns you may have with gel nails are really out the door! I also like the fact that they aren’t as thick as most gel nails, so they actually look really natural!

Now the thing I don’t necessarily love about Bio Sculpture is that the gel is colored. So when you see my nails above, everything is gel, even the Missoni stripes, are painted gel! It’s actually really cool because that means the nail art capability is endless, but if you are a nail polish junky like me, it’s not the best thing! Personally, I am definitely a HUGE fan of gel nails and will be doing them every time I need a mani, BUT I will probably be getting a nice nude or natural color and painting over them!

Things I love About Bio Sculpture Gel Nails:

  • They look really natural
  • Aren’t harmful for nails (any more than a regular mani)
  • Stay put WITHOUT chipping for weeks
  • Help your nails grow super long

Things I don’t love:

  • Time it takes to get them (but worth it since you can skip a week between)
  • That the gel is colored (they do have some awesome colors, but personally I would use a natural color and paint over them, you can easily remove the polish and pain again)

All in All, I love them and this is a must no matter what! Nails just look better gelled!