By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s really hard for me to stick to one skincare brand! I am constantly trying new products, and as far as my serums and moisturizers are concerned, very few products stay constant! Having said that, I really do LOOOOVE so many of them, but since I am a beauty blogger, I have to try anything that sounds even remotely promising!

Now, I used the Vissionaire & Genefique from Lancome and I loved them, but I only used them for about three weeks! My hubby recently started using them and it’s been about 8 weeks now and his skin is INSANE! There has been no brightening that I can see, but his acne scars have gone and the texture of his skin has really improved! As far as wrinkles are concerned, he has only a few around his eyes, but they seem to looks slightly more plump!

I’ve literally been amazed with his skin so much and he has been very happy with the serum! The most important thing is that you use both together! After you cleanse and tone your skin, you should start by using the Genefique serum, then follow with the Vissionaire serum and any moisturizer you like (although my husband just used the serums alone)!

I would recommend this serum for anyone in their mid-20’s looking for anti-aging and re-texturizing skin. It really does take some time to see results, but it is fantastic!