By Huda Heidi Kattan

I may not stress this enough, but I actually really love Philosophy products! There are a few things from them that I simply cannot live without (I loooove their Purity Face Wash)! I am so excited because I just got their Microdelivery Peel, and for the past couple of weeks I have been using their Miracle Worker Face Pads!

How To Use: Here’s the deal, the Miracle Worker is an amazing line from Philosophy and the pads are awesome! When you buy the kit, it comes with a container of dry pads and a bottle of oil that you then pour over the pads. Once you’ve poured the entire container over the pads, you simply discard the bottle and get ready to use the pads! Every night once you’ve washed your face (and toned), you can just use the pads on your skin and neck. I always take a good 3-5 minutes doing this, since it is AMAZING at removing dead skin! Then just follow with your favorite moisturizer!

Does it Rock? This product is one of those amazing products that seems to have the most amazing ingredients to give you the best skin. For instance, it’s loaded with Retinol and Antioxidants, which means it will not only help renew your skin, but also keep it looking fresh and youthful!

I was immediately impressed once I started using this product at how tiny my pores started to look after just a few days of use! I also loooooooved the way it removed SOOOO much dead skin! I would use my toner, then the product and it would still come out with dirt, which I thought my toner was doing a good enough job by itself! My skins texture also became super soft, I personally thought I was going to have to replace my Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Pads, which I love so much, but thank God I didn’t!

Does it Work for Me? I love this product, which is why I was so sad that it started to break me out. I have unbelievably sensitive skin, and the oil in the product, although it is dry, is too much for my skin! That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t recommend this product, it is without doubt one of a kind! For me and anyone with sensitive skin, I would recommend being very careful when using this product since it could cause breakouts! If you don’t have sensitive skin, then you will LOVE this product!