By Huda Heidi Kattan

It’s never easy when you get a bad hair cut. For me, cutting bangs was possibly one of the worst things I could do, so it really is questionable why I did for a second time. I knew it wouldn’t look good, but the fact that I cut them myself the first time around, I thought I would let a salon ‘do it right’ and prove to me that I too could rock some killer bangs. Sadly, I was mistaken. What really sucked was waiting for my new seriously unpleasant new do to grow, but it seemed like they were seriously not in a hurry! Now, doing a little scalp massage as well as applying some oils really helped me (like WOW). If you did cut bangs or just want to conceal them for a different look, here are some really pretty ideas of some looks that will work for you!

The Turban
The Embellished Headband

The Pretty Side Part

The Sixties Head Wrap