How To Get The Fox Eye Look Supermodels Are Obsessed With


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Allow us to introduce the world’s latest beauty obsession: the fox eye trend – inspired by the animal but populated by supermodels like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. The eye makeup look focuses on elongating for a snatched finish. Lucky for us, it’s an easy look to achieve once you know the brow, liner, and eyeshadow application tips, none of which involve shaving your brows like the fox brow challenge we’ve seen on TikTok, #hellNO! Here’s how to achieve the fox eye makeup trend according to some leading MUAs in the industry.

The Liner Look


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Similar to the classic winged liner, the look accentuates the outer corner of the eye, however, it also dramatizes the tear duct to create the illusion of an elongated fox eye. Another key feature of the look? The width of the liner should be very thin (or none existent) along the inner corner of the lash line, almost bare in the center of the eye, and then thicken when it reaches the outer third, before forming a long angular wing.


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Celebrity MUA, Erin Parsons, who works with fox eye queens Bella, Gigi, and Kendall, gave a quick tutorial on her IGTV. Erin confirmed the easiest way to get to look is by using a thin liquid liner – she used the Maybelline Hyper Easy Eyeliner in Pitch Black, $9, which has a super-fine tip that makes precision and fine lines extra easy.

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For Erin’s spin on the fox eye trend, she begins by outlining the tear duct with liner on both the upper and lower corners – you’ll notice some celebs line their tear duct watershed, instead, for a more subtle fox eye. Next, she accentuated the outer corner by taking the eyeliner from the edge of the lower lash line and dragging the liner outwards into an exaggerated wing.

To emphasize the cat eye, Erin used white kohl along the watershed of the lower lash line, and inside the wing for a graphic fox eye feel. Erin finished by dipping a pointed Q-tip into some micellar water to sharpen the wing and the inner corner – yes even MUAs need to clean up liner mishaps!

She concluded, “See how it’s just the outer corner and the inner corner, keeping everything in the middle open to elongate the eye without a ton of makeup – that’s the trick.” Erin is totally right, and as long as you accentuate the inner and outer corner, you’ve got a fox eye!

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Celeb MUA Melanie Inglessis prefers to keep it simple; “To elongate the eyes, start the line 1/2 way by your lash line and pull it out. Then from the pointy tip, come back just a little further than where the shape of your eye ends and use the liner in the inner corner too to elongate it.”

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As with all eyeliner trends, you need to customize the width and angle of the wing depending on your eye shape. Here are Melanie’s suggestions:

For a hooded eye: “Keep the liner very thin by the lash line and draw an uplifting wing to pull the eye up.”
For round eye: “Start the line thin and gradually thicken it and draw an elongated wing to lengthen the eye.”
For an almond-shaped eye: “Start the wing a little before the end of the eye and draw it out either round or straight for a more edgy look.”

A Soft, Sultry Fox Eye

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While the fox eye trend relies predominately on eyeliner; you can adapt the look depending on your vibe. For a sultry, smokey finish, you can use kohl or even eyeshadow to create the wing.

How to create a soft fox eye using eyeshadow: Start by taking an eyeshadow that’s two shades darker than your skin tone and working it into your crease to create depth and shadow. Then, buff a brighter shade into the inner corner to open up the eye. Once the base shadow is down, take a deeper shade and a flat angled brush to create the same wing effect outlined above. Finish by lining the tear duct with the deeper shade to draw out and elongate the eye.

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With that said, Melanie adds that a liquid liner has a longer staying power, “Both are great options but keep in mind that a pencil moves easier as it doesn’t set like a liquid eyeliner.” Therefore, if you opt for a kohl or eyeshadow look, always prep the eye with an eyeshadow primer like the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Original Mini, $13, and finish with a long-lasting setting spray like the Huda Beauty Resting Boss Face Setting Spray, $33.

Fox Eye Brows

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Some of you may have seen the aforementioned fox eye TikTok challenge that involves shaving off the tail of your brow and reshaping them to turn subtly upwards rather than arched. Think Kendall Jenner meets Audrey Hepburn’s brows. However, this can easily be achieved with a full coverage concealer and a brow pencil or pomade.

How to create the fox eye brow: Start by filling in your brows as you ordinarily would until you reach the arch. Then, instead of bringing the brows downwards turn them upwards – it may not follow the direction of your brow hair but don’t worry! Once you’ve created the shape, take a full coverage concealer and conceal the excess brow hairs. Finish with a clear brow gel, pushing the brows upwards.

Fox Eye Lashes

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Lashes are the ultimate final touch to any makeup look, especially the fox eye. However, as the look plays on the outer corner, trim your lashes in half or into thirds. Then place the shortened lash segment on the outer corner avoiding the inner corner completely. The Huda Beauty Eazy Lashes, $18, are ideal as they’re already divided into eat-to-apply segments. Alternatively, you can use individual lashes to add drama to the outer third only.

Have you tried the fox eye trend? Let us know in the comments below.