5 Affordable Perfumes That Smell SO Luxurious


affordable perfumes

As much as we love splurging on a new beauty product, when it comes to fragrance, the splurge is often way steeper – a new perfume can cost anywhere between $80 to $200! With that said, there are some amazing affordable perfumes that smell super luxurious; you just have to know where to look. To save you scouring the internet, we’ve rounded up five budget-friendly perfumes that smell just as good as the designer brands…

Clinique My Blue Sky Neroli Happy Perfume, $29  

affordable fragrances Source: Clinique

Notes: Amberwood, vetiver, blue sky accord, mandarin, cardamom, neroli, rose oil, and orange flower

Why we love it: This perfume is like a crisp spring day in a bottle. With fresh, uplifting notes of blue sky accord layered with vibrant mandarin and feminine rose, it’s the perfect daytime fragrance for any occasion.

Perfect for: Brunch with your besties or a daytime date with your beau.

Urban Outfitters Gourmand Le Beach, $18

affordable fragrances Source: Urban Outfitters

Notes: Coconut water, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and vanilla

Why we love it: If you’re looking for a new date night fragrance, this is it. With notes of jasmine, vanilla, and coconut water, it’s creamy, sensual, and decadent. In fact, ylang-ylang, jasmine, and vanilla are scientifically proven to turn you on and awaken the sensual chakras.

Perfect for: Whenever you’re looking to set the mood!

KAYALI Rollerball Eau De Parfum Musk | 12 & Vanilla | 28, $26

affordable fragrances Source: KAYALI

Vanilla | 28 notes: Vanilla orchids, tonka absolute, amber Wood

Musk | 12 notes: Jasmine, musks, sandalwood

Why we love it: KAYALI fragrances are made for layering, and this dual-ended rollerball perfume makes it so easy to combine two of our most iconic signature scents. The first fragrance, Vanilla | 28, is rich, luxurious, and warm, and pairs perfectly with the creamy and floral notes of Musk | 12, which combine to create a beautifully balanced, empowering fragrance. It’s the easiest way to try a luxury perfume for the price of a drugstore fragrance!

Perfect for: When you’re on the go, running from the boardroom to the bar, but you still need to smell irresistible all day long!

Vera Wang Princess by Vera Wang for Women, $26

affordable fragrances Source: Vera Wang

Notes: Vanilla, chocolate water lily, Tahitian Tiare flower, lady apple, and amber

Why we love it: With notes of vanilla, chocolate, guava, and apple, this playful blend of gourmand scents smells so good you’ll want to eat it. It leaves you feeling irresistible and sexy. We also love the heart-shaped bottle and embellished crown cap, which looks so cute on your nightstand!

Perfect for: Any occasion, from a shopping spree to dinner at sunset.

Zara Oriental, $12

affordable fragrances Source: Zara

Notes: Bergamot, freesia, jasmine, vanilla, caramel, musk, and patchouli

Why we love it: Don’t be fooled by its name; this fragrance is not spicy like other warm and sweet gourmand fragrances, it’s floral, warm, and seriously addictive. One review on Fragrantica compared it to a late-night cuddle! The good news is, at just $12 you can shower yourself in this rich, delicious fragrance. It also layers well on top of a rich scent like KAYALI Vanilla | 28, $85.

Perfect for: An everyday, affordable signature scent.

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