5 Basic Mistakes That RUIN Your Perfume

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Most people assume that applying fragrance is easy. One spritz on your neck and another on your wrist, and that’s pretty much it, right? Trust us, there’s so much more to it! And considering the average price point of designer perfume, we don’t want to waste a drop. Once you’ve read this post, the good news is that you’ll be ready to make the most of every last gorgeous drop of your fragrance. Here are five common fragrance mistakes and what you should be doing instead.

1. Applying Fragrance Incorrectly

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The worst and the most common fragrance mistake people make is rubbing or pressing their wrists together after applying a spritz of their signature scent. The friction created by rubbing will heat up the skin and alter the course of the scent. More specifically, you’ll disrupt the top and middle notes of your fragrance and will only be left with the base notes. For example, if your top note is floral (which is very common) the fragrance will lose its crisp, refreshing feel.

To preserve the integrity of your fragrance and ensure it lasts longer, spritz your perfume onto your pressure points (shown above), then allow the fragrance to be absorbed into the skin. If you absolutely must, you can lightly press your wrists together.

2. Storing Fragrances Incorrectly

Storing fragrances incorrectly degrades the fragrance. Hot temperatures affect the chemical bonds in fragrance while if the temperature is too low, that can also alter the fragrance more quickly. Ideally, your perfumes need to be stored in a cool, dark place with a room temperature between 16 to 22 degrees. This means storing perfume in your bathroom or anywhere the temperature fluctuates is a big no-no. Similarly, direct sunlight will also break down fragrance so do not store them on a window or even shelves near a window. Look for bottles with dark or opaque glass packaging, which will help protect the perfume from sunlight.

3. Applying Fragrance to Dry Skin

Perfume doesn’t wear well on dry skin, which is just another reason to moisturizer daily. Ideally, you should use the accompanying body lotion that comes with your fragrance or an unscented moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated. This will also ensure that there’s no olfactory interference.

Our fave perfume hack: Perfume lasts longer when applied to oily, damp skin, so to lock in the scent, rub vaseline onto your pulse points before application.

4. Carrying Fragrance in Your Purse

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If you carry your fragrance in your purse, you’re not only exposing it to different temperatures, but you’ll also cause the bottle to move around constantly. By shaking the bottle, you’ll expose the perfume to excess air, which will breakdown and disrupt the fragrance over time.

If you do want to carry a scent with you while you’re on the go, we’d recommend rollerball perfumes like our KAYALI beauty, Fragrance

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