5 Reasons You Have Bad Breath And How To Get Fresh


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Nothing gives us greater anxiety than walking up to someone (especially if it’s the hot delivery guy) and realizing your breath smells like a combination of tuna and blue cheese – or whatever you had for dinner last night! We’ve all encountered someone else’s bad breath; we would hate for other people to experience the same from us! To make sure you’re never in this stinky situation, we’ve got the down low on all the reasons why your breath is going from minty fresh to ratchet AF – or the technical term, Halitosis. Finally, you’ll know for sure what to avoid and what to slurp on, so you can flirt with whoever, whenever, without having to worry about a thing!

You’re not drinking enough water

When your body is dehydrated, you produce less saliva, which is what usually cleans your mouth from any lingering bacteria that causes those unwanted odors. This means your mouth will not only be as dry as the Arizona Desert, but it could get stanky too!

Your diet

It goes without saying that the food you eat will have major consequences on your breath. We all know to avoid onions and garlic before a hot date! The food we eat is not only broken down in our mouth, but strong-smelling foods, like the aforementioned offenders, exit through our mouth too, as well as being absorbed into your bloodstream and then into your lungs. So, to avoid any embarrassing run-ins, we’d advise that you ditch the onion rings before a big event. It’s not just strong-smelling foods either, people on low-carb diets can be victims to smelly breath too; as your body’s working overtime to digest a higher amount of protein, you produce more bad breath-inducing toxins.

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Your mouthwash

You may think if you’re a regular mouthwash user, you couldn’t possibly get stuck with smelly breath. However! Antibacterial mouthwashes have a crazy amount of alcohol in them, which can dehydrate your mouth, making your breath a bit stale and stinky – not cool!

You’re popping too many mints

We know this sounds crazy but your favorite little breath fresheners could be the source of your problem as the fresh scent will only temporarily cover the odor, and the sugar content can feed the bacteria, making the odor worse.

It could be a sign of another health problem

If you already have grade A dental hygiene but are constantly suffering from bad breath, then there could be another health problem at hand so we would recommend consulting your dentist and then a doctor.

Quick and easy remedies…

● Gargle salt water: Salt is an antibacterial so it will kill off nasty bacteria loitering in your mouth, plus it will also help to heal any cuts or ulcers in your mouth.
● Chew plants: Just as there’s food that induces bad breath, Mother Nature also came through with some cures – so grab some fresh parsley or mint (their chlorophyll content can destroy odours) and start chewing.
● Brush up: Make sure you clean your teeth twice a day (you can even gently brush your tongue), and don’t forget to floss – even if it’s just once a week! You should also replace your toothbrush every three months.
● Chew sugarless gum: This will increase the amount of saliva in your mouth and gradually reduce plaque buildup, which will also reduce your chances of getting tooth decay.

The bottom line is; you really need to stick to these tips and tricks. Otherwise, you’ll end up having breath like your dog.