5 Supermodel Skincare Rules You Need To Know


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Being a model means part of your job description is having beautiful skin, so if we’re taking notes from anyone’s beauty regime it’s going to be the supermodels we see every day on Instagram. Plus, they have access to some of the best dermatologists, facialists, and skincare products in the beauty biz. And while you may argue that they can photoshop and edit good skin – sure, you can get rid of a pimple – a truly radiant glow cannot be edited (we know because we’ve tried)! Here are some of the essential skincare rules the industry’s top supermodels couldn’t survive without:

Rule 1: Mist Regularly to Keep Your Skin Hella Hydrated 


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When some of the most beautiful women in the world tell you they never leave their house without this skincare essential, you listen. Facial mists (yup, you read that correctly) are seriously under-appreciated: a lot of people regard them as a beauty luxury, rather than a necessity. But we’re here to set the record straight: facial mists are the easiest way to keep your skin hydrated on-the-go as they’re packed with moisturizing ingredients and vitamins to nourish, hydrate and protect your skin. We like to use them after we cleanse, between skincare layers if our skin is extra parched, and whenever our skin is looking a little dull or dehydrated.

Facial mists contain soothing, hydrating and protective ingredients that nourish and reinvigorate the skin, like the Herbivore Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist, $32, and the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, $18 – this mini Caudalie mist is the perfect size for carrying in your purse! And like we said, if models like Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Miranda Kerr say facial mists are the reason behind their glowy AF skin, you know it’s time to make the commitment. Check out some of our fave facial mists here.

It also goes without saying that drinking plenty of water (at least two liters a day) is also a great way to keep your skin hydrated. No amount of mist can compensate for dehydrated skin!

Rule 2: Remove Your Makeup Properly


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It’s common knowledge you should never fall asleep with your makeup on, but models take this to the next level: they ALWAYS double cleanse, and when they say they never fall asleep with makeup on, they mean it. Celebrity facialist Georgia Louise says she recommends double cleansing to all of her model clients including Karlie Kloss and Bella Hadid, while Kendall Jenner says she won’t even let her friends get into her bed unless they’re completely makeup-free!

Double cleansing is the K-Beauty cleansing ritual that begins with a cleansing oil to remove makeup, oil, and SPF, and is followed by a water-based cleanser, like a foam, cream or gel cleanser to remove lingering bacteria, dirt or debris in your pores. Supermodels Karlie Kloss and Adriana Lima also never workout with their makeup on, as they say whenever they do it triggers a breakout. Wanna know more? This derm dishes the deets on how sleeping in your makeup cause breakouts and premature aging.

Rule 3: Never Skip Your Serum Step


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Serums should be a part of everyone’s daily regime, but TBH, most people don’t know the difference between an essence, serum or oil – understandable, skincare is a whole universe you can explore! And although serums typically have a higher price tag, serums deliver a higher concentration of powerful skincare ingredients, which makes them more effective at targeting different skin concerns. Plus, as they’re so potent you only need to use a small amount each day.

All the top models swear by serums, from Jourdan Dunn who uses the Ren Radiance Perfection Serum, $55, daily for a radiant glow to Rosie Huntington Whitely who prefers the iS Clinical Active Serum, $138. Check out these serums that will make a huge difference to your skin, plus these amazing under $40 serum options here.

Rule 4. Use a Jade Roller or Gua Sha to Depuff

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We know a jade roller may seem like a tool that’s true power is its ability to rack up likes on Instagram, but we promise once you add it to your skincare routine you’ll never look back. Using a Gua Sha or jade roller is a supermodel fave, and it saves us (and Hailey Baldwin swears by it too) from morning puffiness every day. By adding one of these tools to your routine, you can boost circulation and lymphatic drainage, which helps remove toxins and drain excess fluid from your face. Always apply a moisturizer or serum before rolling, as this gives the tool some slip so it doesn’t tug your skin, plus it helps your products penetrate more effectively. Our top tip is to keep your tool in the fridge, as the cool jade helps reduce puffiness. It’s the best wake up call.

Check out our tips for using a Gua Sha and why it’s SO beneficial.

Rule 5: ALWAYS Use Sunscreen


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Victoria’s Secret Angel Taylor Hill said something in a Vogue tutorial that majorly resonated with us: “If 20 makeup artists tell you “you should wear sunscreen on your face every day” then you probably should.” Literally, every dermatologist, makeup artist, and beauty professional that we’ve ever spoken to tells us the same thing: wearing SPF every day is not optional.

The truth is, 90% of how your skin ages is within your control, which is why it’s essential to protect your skin from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays. Not only do both contribute to skin cancer but the formation of fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots, uneven tone, and hyperpigmentation. Wearing SPF 30 with 5-star UVA rating during the summer months is essential, and keep it up for the winter months too. Make sure you apply it twenty minutes before going into the sun as it takes this amount of time to activate. For more info on SPF check out our ultimate guide to sunscreen.

Let us know if you follow any of these supermodel skincare rules in the comments below.

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