5 Things To Do In The Morning To Have The Best Day Ever


We’ve all had those mornings when it seems like nothing is going your way. Maybe you hit snooze one too many times and that meant you had approximately seven minutes to get ready. Whatever the case, a bumpy morning can feel like a total disaster and if you’re unlucky, it can throw off your vibe for the whole day ahead. To make sure your morning always goes as smoothly as we think Beyoncé’s probably does, here are five things that will ensure your morning is zen AF.

1. Try Not to Hit Snooze

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We know it’s a whole lot easier than it sounds, but try to wake up with your first alarm rather than hitting snooze. If you hit snooze, you risk re-entering a whole new sleep cycle (we sleep in 90-minute cycles), so you’re more likely to feel sleepy and groggy throughout the day. In fact, you should try and calculate approximately five or six sleep cycles, starting from the time you go to sleep, so you’ll naturally wake up at the end of a cycle feeling rested and rejuvenated.

2. Get Your Metabolism Off to a Good Start

If you ask any health guru how they start their day, they’ll tell you with a cup of warm water and lemon. This drink is actually one of those wellness hacks that has the science to back it up. Lemon is basically an amazing detoxifier that will help cleanse your digestive system so that your liver can eliminate waste more efficiently. Staying hydrated also helps maintain healthy lymphatic drainage (removes bodily waste and circulates healthy white blood cells), and the better your lymphatic drainage the healthier your skin. You can also try adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey for an added boost of nutrients.

3. Practice Gratitude

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The practice of gratitude (basically being thankful for what you have) may seem like a simple practice, but it’s really beneficial for both your state of mind and even your physical health. One study showed that it’s been shown to reduce depression and increase happiness, while another study showed that it reduced aggression and increased empathy. It has also been shown to improve your physical health as people who practice gratitude are more likely to exercise more regularly and have frequent health checkups.

So, while you’re enjoying your cup of hot lemon water or showering, think of three things you’re grateful for; it can be anything from having the water in your cup to a loving partner, an exciting day ahead, or even just a good night’s sleep. Try to make them different each morning.

4. Do a Sun Salutation

Even if you don’t have time for a full hour of exercise in the morning, a great way to energize your mind and body in under 10 minutes is by doing a quick sun salutation. Don’t worry, even if you’re not an experienced Yogi, it’s really quick and easy to do, and you can switch it up the more you practice. This specific sequence helps to remove energy blockages and increase blood circulation while strengthening your muscles and stretching them.

Yohga is also a great way to de-stress: a study published in the ‘International Yoga Journal’ found that a group of college students who practiced Sun Salutations for 14 days exhibited less worry or negative feelings and were more at ease, both physically and mentally.

5. Meditate 

Meditation is great for relaxation but meditating in the morning can have a seriously positive impact on your day. Not only have studies shown that it reduces anxiety and helps you to de-stress, a recent study has shown that it also increases your attention span so that you’re more productive throughout the day. The study examined the impact of an eight-week mindfulness and meditation course on a group of people and found that their ability to stay focused increased.

Other studies have also shown that it makes you more compassionate and kind to others as you’re more considerate of other people’s emotions. It also benefits your skin as it boosts blood circulation, delivering more oxygen to your skin. Plus, there are now so many free meditation apps, mediation couldn’t be easier or more accessible, our go-to meditation apps are Headspace and Calm, the latter also offers lots of other great tools like wellness masterclasses and more.

Another thing we like to do to make sure our day gets off to the best start is a little outfit planning. Knowing what you’re going to wear in the morning makes life SO much easier, and if you’re anything like us, a great outfit can add a little spring to your step all day long. So, to avoid the rush and potentially feeling uncomfortable in your outfit all day, sort it out the night before and lay it out somewhere that you can easily grab it. We promise you’ll feel so much better! Oh and one last thing, don’t forget the SPF!