5 Ways To Instantly Feel Sexy


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So often we associate feeling sexy with a special someone, and consequently, we forget how invigorating the actual emotion and feeling can be. In fact, feeling sexy for yourself is often more empowering and more exhilarating. There’s literally no better feeling than feeeeeeeling yourself. To help you rediscover your sexy side, here are five self-love practices that’ll give you a serious confidence boost so that you can bring out your inner Beyoncé.

1. Spritz Your Fave Fragrance

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Whenever we’re getting ready and we feel like we need a little confidence boost, we immediately gravitate towards our perfume. A quick spritz of perfume can be so uplifting and it’s scientifically proven to awaken your sensual side. Scents stimulate nerve endings at the back of your nose, which ignites the limbic system – the area of our brain that’s responsible for our behavior, emotions, and our libido, AKA our sex drive. There are particular scents that are more potent than others, for example, the tropical flower Ylang-Ylang energizes both men and women. Similarly, vanilla is another sexy scent that has been used as a natural aphrodisiac for centuries.

2. Schedule in Some Me-Time 

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Whenever we’re feeling sluggish, we like to schedule in some serious TLC. Put on some vibey music (basically anything Beyoncé), and take some time to make yourself feel sexy, with only yourself in mind. There’s something extremely empowering when you dress only for yourself. So you’ll feel good whether you rock a red lip or put on some lacey underwear and dance around – which btw, is a major mood booster, as dancing releases endorphins and serotonin in your brain (the happy hormones). It’s also believed that people who are more comfortable in the nude have better body image. Oh, and never forget the power of a good freakum dress!

3. Have a Sensory Pamper Session

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Engaging in a sensory experience (other than the obvious) can be extremely empowering, and can make you feel sexy AF. By taking the time to appreciate your own sense of touch, you’ll begin to feel more in tune and more at ease with your body. Plus, it can be a great addition to a pampering session or after a bath. We like to moisturize with a body oil, taking time to massage the oil into our skin – it’s not just great for your skin, but your mind too. This will help you de-stress and can even help drain toxins from your body, so you’ll not only feel more connected to your body, but you’ll feel invigorated.

Another sensory experience that we love is dry brushing, which boosts lymphatic drainage, the process that eliminates harmful toxins from the body. It’ll exfoliate and smooth the skin too, and can even help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Find out more deets on dry brushing here.

4. Try Something New 

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Your daily routine can get so hectic! In normal times that might be rushing between work, friends, and family, which means we forget to schedule in time for new activities. So often, socializing revolves around catching up with our squad and discussing daily dramz, which can actually be pretty draining. Instead, why not try something you’ve never done before? It can be something simple like trying a new cuisine, going to a painting class (or painting at home), or a crazy activity like acrobatics.

Whatever it is, by engaging in a new activity, the fear of the unknown will release endorphins and adrenalin in your brain. In a recent study by the NIH, they concluded that trying new activities weekly boosted positivity and self-worth. Doing this activity with your bestie is also said to heighten the experience as when you partake in a new activity with someone, it acts as a bonding experience.

5. Practice Self-Love

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The practice of self-love and self-appreciation is so simple yet SO powerful. There are tons of studies that show how it increases positivity and makes you a happier, more confident person, and what’s sexier than confidence? In a recent study by Psychology Today, self-love was said to improve productivity, strength, and decrease depression.

So, the next time you’re getting ready, or even while you’re sipping your cup of tea in the morning, take the time to list five things you like about yourself. It doesn’t have to be a physical attribute, although it can be – anything from your curly hair to your sense of humor. You can also just set aside time to spend on yourself, whether that’s a long bath and a face mask or simply indulging in a long skincare routine.

Check out these fun beauty activities you can do at home that will help you feel more connected to yourself.

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