6 Basic Mistakes You Make When You Wash Your Hair


6 basic mistakes you make when you wash your hair

Step 1: Shampoo. Step 2: condition… Simple right? Since washing your hair consists of two steps, you’d think we’d have the routine on lockdown, but in reality, most of us are making the same simple mistakes over and over again. While it may seem like no big deal, it could be damaging your hair; we’re talking split ends, frizz, and even hair loss – no thanks! To avoid messing up your hair game, make sure you’re not making any of these common hair-washing mistakes:

1. You’re Shampooing All Wrong…

While we live for the luxury of long showers, most of the time we run into the shower and squirt on shampoo ASAP! You should actually rinse your hair for at least 30 seconds before you start shampooing to remove any residue that’s lingering. This will help cleanse your hair of any product buildup or pollution and allow the shampoo to penetrate more deeply. Once you start shampooing, make sure you work it into a lather by massaging your scalp to encourage absorption and boost blood circulation for a healthier, flake-free scalp.

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If you’d typically reach for the conditioner next, you’d be missing an essential step: the second shampoo – think of it as double cleansing for your hair! By shampooing twice, you ensure that all the product and grease build-up is properly removed. So, although you won’t need to do this every wash (otherwise you could strip your hair of its natural oils), if you’ve used a lot of products like dry shampoo and hair spray or you’ve gone an extra day without washing, we recommend double shampooing.

2. You’re Using Too Much Conditioner…

One of the most common shower mistakes people make is applying conditioner to their scalp. Conditioner is deeply nourishing, and so by applying a layer to your roots, your hair is much more likely to get greasy, sooner. Your scalp is already naturally conditioned with sebum (the oil your body produces), however, as the ends are further from the scalp, they need a little extra TLC, which is why you should concentrate the conditioner here. Then, make sure you let your conditioner soak into your locks for at least two minutes. Finish with a cold water rinse to close the cuticle and help your hair retain moisture. Plus, this will leave it looking shinier and feeling smoother.

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Top tip: If your hair is prone to brittle split ends, add a couple of drops of oil into your conditioner bottle. This helps create a deep conditioning effect without having to splurge on another hair product.

3. You’re Using Super-Hot Temperatures…

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There’s honestly no better feeling than standing under a steaming hot shower. While this may work wonders for your stress levels, it’s actually wreaking havoc on your hair. High temperatures dehydrate your hair as they strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving your scalp flakey and itchy. Try to resist the urge to crank up the heat and opt for warm temperatures instead. If you can’t bear the cold, finish your shower with a surge of cold water to seal the hair follicle. Although, remember to rinse your hair thoroughly.

4. You’re Not Buying The Right Hair Products

While we spend hours researching skincare products, we tend to grab any hair product from the drugstore, but this is a big mistake. Finding a shampoo and conditioner to suit your hair type means you’ll be able to give your hair what it really needs. For example, curly hair products will contain humectants and nourishing oils that could make fine, straight hair look greasy. Similarly, products for fine hair could matte curly hair… Trust us, we learned the hard way! Check out the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair type here.

5. You’re Not Blotting Your Hair Dry

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Did you know a ton of celeb hairstylists blot hair dry in between shampoo and conditioner? Leaving excess water in your hair before you apply conditioner could prevent nutrients from penetrating the hair shaft. If you’re in a rush, just squeeze the water from your hair, but don’t twist – twisting your hair while it’s wet can break the hair shaft and cause split ends. Once you’ve rinsed your conditioner, avoid twisting your hair in an old towel. Instead, blot it dry and then wrap it in an old T-shirt to reduce frizz and damage.

6. You’re Brushing Your Hair In The Shower

When your hair is wet, it’s more fragile and prone to breakage, so if you brush your hair in the shower, you can damage and weaken the hair as you pull downwards. Instead, wait until you’ve blotted your hair dry, and then brush from the bottom of the hair downwards, detangling and moving towards the roots as you go – this is the gentlest method. It’s also really important to ensure you’re using the right hair brush for your hair type.

Let us know if you’re guilty of any of these hair washing mistakes in the comments below.