7 Gel-Cream Blushes That Give The Prettiest Natural Glow


gel-cream blush

When you’re aiming for a glowy goddess look versus matte finish, the very last thing you want to do is apply a powdery product to your face. We’re not just talking about a matte finishing powder, either; blush totally counts, too. Though powder blush is a common go-to for both product formulators and makeup mavens alike, it’s not your only option.

Meet the Gel-Cream Blush

One blush category gaining momentum RN are gel-cream formulations, which boast a creamy, gel-like consistency versus a compact powder. These products deliver a dewy, fresh “color that’s melted into your skin” effect. And, because they’re not a straight-up liquid stain, they’re much easier to manipulate.

Gel-cream blushes can be applied with a makeup sponge, but one thing we love about them is that you can use your hands to apply, as well. The warmth from your fingertips helps create a soft blend and natural flush that we argue is unrivaled as far as blush goes.

Try it Out Yourself

If you’re interested in trying your hand at a gel-cream blush — or are simply looking for one or two more to add to your existing collection — check out these options.

1. Glossier Cloud Paint, $18

best cream blush

What better way to begin this list than with Glossier’s Cloud Paint, an OG gel-cream blush that’s amassed a cult following since its debut. It comes in six striking shades ranging from deep berry to soft peach, and it packs an extraordinary amount of color with just the tiniest bit of product. In other words, it’s going to last you a helluva long time. We also love that the formulation offers buildable color so you can go heavy or easy depending on your goals.

2. A’Pieu Air Fit Cushion Blusher, $17

best cream blush

If the idea of using your fingers to apply blush doesn’t speak to you, then the Missha Air Fit Cushion Blusher just might ring your beauty bell. It utilizes South Korea’s airy, cushion compact technology that helps you use less product to achieve a light, subtle blush effect. Just pat it onto your cheeks and blend with your makeup sponge. It’s more liquid-gel in nature, and dries down to a creamy finish.

3. Chantecaille Cheek Gelée Hydrating Gel-Cream Blush, $44

best cream blush

It’s not cheap at $44 a pop, but Chantecaille’s version of a gel-cream blush will make you feel bougie AF. In addition to adding a natural flush of dewy color to your cheeks, it works harder for you by actually hydrating your skin. Think of it as an emulsion-meets-color, which translates to glowy skin all day long.

4. Pixi by Petra Sheer Cheek Gel, $20


Don’t fret. If Chantecaille’s blush is a little too rich for your blood (::raises hand::), we’ve got a great dupe for you in Pixi by Petra’s Sheer Cheek Gel. The formulation is super light, and the gel texture dries into an ultra-creamy finish that makes for easy application and a fresh face. It comes in three hues, including a dusty rose, deep berry, and rich wine. Because formulation is so light, you don’t have to be afraid of the darker hues even if you have a fair complexion.

5. INC.redibleFor The First Time Bounce Blush, $10

best cream blush

This whipped, creamy gel blush by INC.CREDIBLE is giving us serious life. First of all, it’s only $10 a pop, which makes our wallets literally sing. Second, it’s offered in three of the prettiest shades, including a dusty cool pink, hot pink rose, and burnt apricot. Third, it melts into your skin for a flawless, “yeah, she’s definitely born with it” finish. It comes in a pot, so it’s easiest to apply with a makeup sponge.

6. Perricone MD No Makeup Blush, $35


It’s always a good thing when your cosmetics double as skincare. That’s the case with Perricone MD’s No Makeup Blush. In addition to imparting sheer, glowy color to your cheeks via a gel-cream texture, the formula also boasts two ingredients that brighten, smooth, and protect your skin throughout the day: vitamin C esters and Chinese ginger plant extract. Its sheer color makes it great for a barely there, no-makeup makeup look (hence the name).

7. Maybelline Cheek Heat, $10

best cream blush

This is more of a tease than anything because Maybelline hasn’t quite launched their new Cheek Heat at the time of writing this article. (It’ll hit shelves in January 2020.) We’re including it here, though, because it’s bringing the gel-cream blush category to the budget-friendly, drugstore market, and we’re all about that.

What do you think about gel-cream blushes? Would you ever try one, or are you sticking to your powder guns? Let us know!