8 Expert-Approved Hacks For Beating Frizzy Hair & Static

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Many a #badhairday begins with frizz or static, and then the battle to get luscious locks under control seems near impossible. Conditions like cold AF weather and indoor heating can lead to a lack of moisture, which can leave cuticles exposed, causing frizz. Just as friction and foreign objects rubbing against your mane can cause static. Which is why it matters what you do to your hair to prevent the problem, rather than just hide it.

We enlisted a team of glam gurus for their expert advice on the topic – from the type of blow dryer that’s best to the temperature your hair-drying quarters should be – and learned a few lessons along the way. Here’s how to win the war against static and frizz.

1. Wash Your Hair at Night 

David Babaii is the man behind the mane for stars like Kate Hudson, Nicole Kidman, Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, and Gwyneth Paltrow, so he’s seen every trick there is for coiffing a red-carpet-ready ‘do. His #1 frizz-busting tip? Wash your hair at night. “When the humidity is high, you want to give your hair more time to cool down and recover from a warm shower because this allows the cuticles to close and helps reduce frizz,” he explains. So go the air dry route and braid damp locks overnight. “Your hair will recover, and you’ll wake up to smooth, glossiness in the morning.”

 2. Use Conditioner as Shampoo

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To prevent static from happening, celebrity stylist and co-founder of R+Co, Garren, relies on a pre-mask and a product switch-up. “Pre-mask your hair with Palm Springs Pre-Shampoo Treatment Mask, $32, and use Analog Cleansing Foam Conditioner, $32, as a shampoo because it will give your hair weight and seal the cuticle instead of over-stripping it with shampoo,” he explains.

3. Apply a Heat Protector

Never set your blow dryer on high and go after sopping wet strands like a babe on a mission, according to Bumble and bumble. stylist David Hiller. This just invites frizz in. Instead, you should remove excess moisture with a microfiber towel, then apply a protective primer like Bb Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer, $28. “A UV primer wards against frizz, breakage, and damage once the heat hits your hair,” he says.

4, Use Smarter Hot Tools

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What does Kardashian-Jenner go-to hairstylist and NatureLab. TOKYO ambassador Andrew Fitzsimons rely on for anti-static hot tools? The Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer, $400. “I’m no scientist, but in general terms, static occurs when your hair is depleted of moisture and rubs against something unlike its own texture, which causes an electric charge. This is why ionic hot tools, like the Dyson, are a great option if you’re prone to static since they neutralize the charge and reduce static,” he says. Fitzsimons also likes the fact that it heats up quickly but doesn’t get too hot. As for other hot tools with varying temperature controls, using anything that exceeds 450 degrees is a no-no. Check out our review of the Dyson Supersonic hair Dryer here.

5. Rehydrate Thirsty Locks

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“Infusing moisture back into parched hair is super important, which is why oils work great,” explains Fitzsimons. Freaked out by the thought of greasy locks? Not to worry, Fitzsimons has some wise advice: start with a lightweight oil, use a small amount, and build from there as you start to feel more comfortable. “I’ve been using NatureLab. TOKYO Perfect Smooth Hair Oil, $16, because it’s cruelty-free, infused with argan stem cells (in addition to argan oil), totally smoothes out frizz, and adds amazing luster,” he adds.

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We’re obsessed with Pump Haircare’s Frizz No More, $24. The rich blend of oils, like argan and chia seed, combined with amino acids, jojoba proteins, and cucumber extract immediately hydrate and smooth hair. Not only did this super fine mist work like magic on super curly, frizz-prone hair, but it even made already straight, smooth hair look shinier, sleeker and glossier – oh and it smells ahhhmazing!

6. Crank the AC 

Still blowdrying in a steamy bathroom? Bad idea. You might not think it matters where you get ready (or style your hair for that matter), but according to Babaii standing near your AC unit (or in a room with the air conditioning cranked) has its benefits. “When you dry your hair or use hot tools you need to close the cuticles quickly and the colder your hair is, the smoother it will be,” he says. Another Babaii power move? “Blast hair with the cold air setting for an extra minute during the summer.”

7. Feed Your Follicles 

When your hair is healthy, it won’t frizz out, so it’s important to eat well, reduce stress, and get a lot of vitamins and nutrients into your follicles,” advises Babaii. He recommends using a product packed with all the good stuff like n:p beautiful Miracle Serum, $45, which contains buriti oil, revered by Brazilian women for its high concentrations of oleic and linoleic acids and tocopherols (vitamins A and E). “It adds gloss and shine, prevents frizz, provides UV protection, helps with curl definition, and repairs split ends,” he says. As if that wasn’t enough, it also reverses damage thanks to royal jelly and contains Indian lotus flower to “increase the strength and elasticity of brittle hair.” In other words: Frizzies don’t stand a chance.

8. Spray Away Static

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As the final step in your attack on static, Garren swears by setting sprays. “If static hits, spray R+Co Grid Structural Hold Setting Spray, $29, on your hands and run them through your hair,” he says. This will tame flyaways and hold water retention longer, because of its propylene glycol moisturizing base.

We don’t know about you, but we just learned a whole new hair styling routine, and we’re psyched to see the difference!

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