7 At-Home, Salon-Worthy Hair Treatments For Damaged Hair

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As delightful as sunshine, wind, salty beaches, and pools are, these summer faves are notoriously brutal when it comes to our hair health. In addition to summer damage, many of us also aren’t hitting the salon as frequently this year as we might have in years past. Talk about a recipe for a seriously parched, damaged mane! If you’re currently dealing with a thirsty head of hair, consider using one of these salon-quality hair treatments that have been developed for at-home use. And we’re not just talking about regular old hair masks here – these are some seriously strong hair treatments!

1. In Common Crystal Cashmere At Home Kit, $50

In Common was founded by two celebrity hairstylists after they opened the Nine Zero One Salon. Crystal Cashmere is one of the premiere treatments at the salon, and prompted by COVID-related closures, it’s now available for at-home use. Crystal Cashmere is a two-part system that strengthens, nourishes, and literally reconstructs your hair from the inside out. Part two even warms up nice and toasty as you work it into your hair!

2. Color Wow Dream Coat Anti-Frizz Treatment, $28

Consider Color Wow’s Dream Coat an at-home, mini keratin treatment. It works to restore parched and damaged hair, and also helps nix humidity-related frizz. You apply it evenly and liberally to damp hair and then blow-dry in order to activate the magic. Bonus: it lasts for four shampoos and will give you seriously shiny hair!

3. Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector, $28

If you haven’t dabbled in the world of Olaplex, now is the time. The No. 3 Hair Perfector is an at-home treatment that uses the very same active ingredient that’s found in the professional salon version. Don’t mistake it for a simple conditioner, either. It actually works to strengthen and repair bonds within each hair strand for less breaking and way more shine.

4. Miss Jessie’s Rapid Recovery Treatment, $14

This one’s for curly-haired babes in need of an ultra-rich and luxurious treatment to restore bounce and shine. Meant as a once-weekly treatment, it’s formulated with avocado cream oil and creamy shea butter to nourish, soften, and restore elasticity for “damaged, curly, tight curly, kinky, or transitioners hair.”

5. Rita Hazan Weekly Remedy Treatment For Deep Hydration & Superior Shine, $42

This is another two-step reparative treatment that will deliver seriously soft and silky hair (and it smells divine, btw). It’s essentially a hyper-charged conditioner that replaces your regular conditioner once a week. Apply step one liberally and rinse, then do the same with step two.

6. Kérastase Blond Absolu Overnight Recovery Treatment for Lightened Hair, $55

Calling blondies with 911 hair emergencies. This leave-in treatment – which is packed with hydrating hyaluronic acid and softening edelweiss flower extract – is applied before bed and then gets to work while you sleep. It not only deeply moisturizes your hair but also helps repair damage caused by lightening treatments and minimizes split ends and breakage.

7. Redken Extreme Anti-Snap Anti-Breakage Leave-In Treatment, $22

A powerful trio of proteins, ceramides, and lipids join forces in this leave-in treatment from Redken. It targets damaged hair from the inside out by reinforcing the cuticle and creating a protective layer over the hair strand. It can help repair and protect against damage from chemical treatments, heat styling tools, and mechanical breakage (like from brushing or wearing hair ties).

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