#HBTries: Can This TikTok-Trending Lip Plumper Replace Lip Fillers?

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There are many ways to cheat a juicy lip; some are short-term, like plumping glosses and clever contouring, and others are more permanent, like lip fillers. But what if you could get superior short-term results that look like filler without the expense… In 30 seconds? Wouldn’t that be something? That’s exactly why Beambo’s purse-friendly lip plumper, The Lip Gizmo, $59, has TikTok in a trance. We’re delving into how The Lip Gizmo delivers juicy plump lips that last hours, all our top tips for using the device, and OFC, our unbiased thoughts on the pout-enhancer. Spoiler alert: we loved it. 

The Viral Lip Plumper: Beambo The Lip Gizmo, $59 

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What it is: An easy-to-use device that delivers fuller, juicier lips in 30 seconds sans painful injections. Purse-friendly and portable, it fits snug in your purse for whenever you need a juicy plump fast. Be sure to charge it with the included USB charging cable first. 

How it works: The device uses vacuum technology to gently boost blood flow to your lips, making them appear fuller and plumper. Remember the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge when everyone was sucking on shot glasses to get crazy full lips? Well, this works in a similar way, but it’s much, much safer – the results from the shot glass technique were dangerous and scary, to say the least, #donotrecommend.

On the other hand, the Lip Gizmo was designed to provide consistent, safe results and prevent the harm that may be experienced with home lip plumping techniques. The soft mouthpiece is designed to distribute pressure evenly across the lips for a naturally plump look and to prevent bruising.

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How to use: The Lip Gizmo has three intensity settings to choose from, which means you get to decide how intense you want it to be. The pressure is evenly distributed by the silicon mouthpiece, designed to fit perfectly over your lips. It powers off automatically after one cycle (30 seconds), so there’s usually no overusing or bruising. 

Lick your lips and pucker up. Place the device over your lips and power it to your desired setting. Wait 30 seconds, holding the device in place, until it switches off automatically. Repeat up to three cycles (if needed) and follow with the Tingle Plumping Gloss, $20, for your fullest lips ever. 

Pro tip: Begin with the lowest setting, which uses a more gentle suction, and build intensity as and when you get more comfortable with the sucking sensation and using the device. 

To clean the device, spray a cloth with alcohol spray and wipe the mouthpiece. Once dry, store in a clean, dry place. 

What You Need to Know Before Using Beambo’s Lip Gizmo

We spoke to the Founder of Beambo, Marnie Conway, who spilled the must-know info for anyone looking to try the device.

How Long do the Effects Last? Are There any Adverse Effects?

Marnie tells us that results typically last between tow to four hours, although when used more regularly, your lips adjust to the pressure/intensity, so your results last longer. There is a small possibility of bruising, something we noticed the first time we used it, but this only happened on our first try. Marnie confirms it’s “most likely to occur on the first few treatments. Although rare, it can happen to some skin types, so we always recommend starting on the lowest setting and building your tolerance.”


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What Should I Expect? Is the Sensation Uncomfortable? 

Like most lip-plumping devices, there’s a weird (never painful) sensation at first, but you get used to the feeling the more you use it. Marnie recommends relaxing your lips and face to allow your lips “to be gently pulled by the suction [which] decreases the likelihood of any marking around the mouth if you scrunch your lips too hard.” Translation: start slow and build your tolerance! Remember, it’s not supposed to hurt at ALL, so stop if it feels painful.

Marnie also says that some people use the Lip Gizmo every day and that results improve the more it’s used. She told us, “Many of our customers have found that the Lip Gizmo actually helps to prolong the effect of their lip fillers. However, if you have injections, we like to recommend consulting your doctor before using the Lip Gizmo.” She also adds that the “device is also on a 30-second timer to prevent overuse, but users can repeat the process to their liking (we suggest no more than three, 30-second rounds at a time).”

Our Thoughts

Overall we were really impressed with the device. It was super easy to use, and we had noticeably plumper lips that lasted for hours.

lip gizmo before and after

We were surprised by our before and after pictures as we actually felt that the results in real life looked even more impressive. Our lips looked plump and juicy and there was a visible difference that everyone in the office could notice.

lip gizmo before and after

The first time we used the device, it felt a little strange as we weren’t used to the tingling and sucking sensation, but when we relaxed our lips and face, it was noticeably more comfortable. We did notice tiny bruising on our bottom lip the first time we used it, but this wasn’t obvious and lasted less than 24 hours. The following times that we used the device, we experienced no discomfort or bruising, just a nice, juicy plump.

lip gizmo before and after

We also loved the Tingle Lip Plumping Gloss, $20, which we applied afterward to hydrate and maintain the plump. It has a really nice shine that enhances the juiciness of the lips, and has a subtle tingling sensation.

The Final Verdict

We love! It’s a great way to get that realistic, plump look without having to get fillers, and the results definitely lasted longer than any lip-plumping glosses we’ve ever used. We love to use this before a night out.

Psst, you can always contour your way to a plumper pout with this guide – you’re welcome!

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