Why Journaling Will Change Your Life & How To Get Started!



Journaling… It’s one of the most talked-about self-care rituals on social media, but how many of you guys actually carve out 10 minutes each day to put pen to paper and process your thoughts? If you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, it’s time to get on the journaling hype because, seriously, it’s life-changing.

Not convinced? We’re coming through with the receipts and the expert tips. Studies have shown that spending 15 to 20 minutes a day of journaling can improve your mental health, lower blood pressure, and improve your sleep, which, as we all know, is the foundation of good health. It’s not surprising that the therapeutic process of writing out your thoughts, feelings, and daily happenings without interruption has so many benefits.

To help you master the habit, we sat down with life coach, global writer, and public speaker, Kira Jean, who’s constantly reminding us to journal each day to clarify our thoughts, practice gratitude, and visualize our goals. Here are her top tips on how to journal and how it can help you feel happier and more positive.

What is Journaling, How Does it Help?

Kira explains, “Journaling is a practice that can be used in different ways to increase mental and emotional clarity and fuel creativity. It can be used to reflect on your day and clear your thoughts, or it can be used to dream, create, and explore ideas and experiences.”

What Should you Write About?

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“The wonderful thing about journaling is that you can write about anything! It can be a safe place – you can write about what’s bothering you or write down your wildest dreams. The writing itself is a cathartic activity, particularly when you write by hand.”

How do You Get Into Journaling & How Often Should You do It?

Kira says, “I recommend doing Morning Pages. This is a practice coined by Julia Cameron, which has served many of my clients, both writers and coaching clients. The important thing to remember is there’s no wrong way to do it. Yes, there are effective ways to journal, but this develops with time, and the most effective method for a person may be different from another.”

According to Kira, “To practice Morning Pages, set aside time each morning to write three pages. The important thing is to write down whatever comes to your mind – it’s not a practice in writing effectively or poetically. It’s simply a way to clear your mind in the morning and generate mental space for more clarity and creativity.”

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Kira’s Top Tips for Journaling:

  • Buy yourself a new journal and a beautiful pen to start afresh.
  • Set time aside in the morning for your journaling practice. It can be tough to squeeze it in, but doing the practice in the morning will set you up for a great day ahead.
  • Begin the practice without worrying about what to write. Start with writing one to two pages with whatever comes to your mind, even if it sounds like complete nonsense.
  • After completing the ‘brain dump’ in the step above, write down three things you are grateful for, three things you want to allow into your life, and three things you choose to let go of.

We’ve been journaling for the past two years, and we love it. It’s a time when you get to plan your day ahead, reflect on what has happened during the day, or write down what’s bothering you.

Think about it like the friend you can tell everything to – it’s unbelievably liberating! It also only needs to take as much time as you have. Whether we spend a quick two minutes ‘brain dumping’ in the morning or 10 minutes pondering the day’s events when we get into bed – it really is one of the best things you can do.

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If you need some inspo or an extra helping hand, buy a journal with prompts. One of our faves is the Five Minutes In The Morning, $17, which offers a quick and easy space packed with creative exercises to encourage reflection and intention-setting at the start of the day. Another great option is The Five Minute Journal, $25, which includes guided and structured exercises that’ll help you clear your mind in five minutes or less.

Let us know if you guys like to journal in the comments below.