Bushy Brows? Here's How To Groom Them Like A Pro



Source: Presley Ann/Patrick McMullan/Getty Images

Although there are whispers that thin brows are making a comeback – thanks to Rihanna’s latest Vogue cover, here at HB HQ we’re planning to stay loyal to big, bold brows. But, this did make us think, we’re always talking about how to fill in your brows to make them appear fuller, but what if you’re already blessed with bold brows? You need a whole different list of tips and hacks. Luckily for you, you don’t need to make them appear fuller, it’s all about enhancing their natural shape while making sure they look groomed rather than unruly. So, if you’ve been gifted with full AF brows like Zendaya or Cara Delevingna (it genuinely is a gift) here’s how to tame them to perfection:

Find your shape

Having naturally bushy brows means that you have the perfect amount of hair for some serious landscaping. You’ve basically been given the opportunity to shape your eyebrows to flatter the natural contours of your face, rather than simply working with what you have. If you can, try doing a six-week period where you don’t touch your brows with wax or thread, and don’t pick up those tweezers either. After this grow out period, you’ll be able to shape them to any desired final look to fit the dimensions of your face – perhaps a higher arch or a straighter shape? Or maybe an extended tail? Check out our guide to find the best brow shape to suit your face shape here.

How to tweeze like a pro

  • Never tweeze in direct sunlight: We know this sounds crazy, but if the lighting is too bright you can end up over-plucking your brows. Try tweezing in the morning after you’ve showered, as your pores will be more open so it’ll be less painful.
  • Don’t be afraid to pluck above the brow: This is a controversial topic, as many people believe you should never pluck above the brow. But, if there are any stray fine hairs, we don’t see a problem with tidying them up.
  • Use a magnifying mirror, carefully: Using a magnifying mirror will allow you to see any tiny hairs you’ve missed, but for shaping, we recommend using a full-sized mirror so you can always see how you’re shaping your brow. The last thing you want to do is overpluck, so always look up between plucking hairs – just one hair can make a big difference to their shape.

Never forget to trim

When it comes to full brows, there’s a fine line between voluptuous shapely brows, and unruly arches your grandpa rocks (they’re cute, but only on him). The secret isn’t necessarily knowing how to tweeze; it’s all about knowing how to chop. Yes, we’re talking about brow grooming scissors! We always use the Tweezerman X Huda Beauty Collection, $65, as the scissors are so sharp and they’re the perfect mini size for control and accuracy – very important! All you need to do is brush the hair upwards (vertically using a spooley) and then rest the brow scissors gently above the outline of your brow and slowly cut. You can always take a little off at a time, to make sure you don’t accidentally chop off too much… We may or may not have done that in the past!

A brow gel will become your best friend

You’ve been blessed with sexy, bold brows, so you probably don’t even need to fill them in. Instead, focus on shaping them and making sure the hairs stay in place at the appropriate angle, using a brow gel. We love the Innis Ultrafine Browscara, $8, which has a teeny tiny spooley and combs even the finest of hairs. The dark tint not only helps add definition but the formula grips the hairs in place all day without smudging. If you’re in a pinch and don’t have your trusty brow gel, spritz a spooley with some hairspray and then comb it through your brows. The general rule is to brush the brow upwards, and then once you get to the arch, brush at a downwards angle.

Do you prefer full or thin brows? Let us know in the comments below.