Celebrating Everything That’s Happened In The Last 10 Years!

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WOW… I cannot believe that it’s been 10 years since I started my blog! It was a passion project that grew from my love of makeup and beauty, and I really wanted HudaBeauty.com to be a platform for me to share everything I discovered with whoever wanted to listen. I could never have dreamed that it would grow into the brand it is today and I feel so extremely proud of everything I’ve been able to achieve with my incredible team, and the never-ending support of my wonderful family.

When I look back over the years, it was so many small steps that got the brand to where it is today. In 2012, I relaunched the blog and spent months painstakingly editing and working on the redesign, all while working on false lashes that my sister, Mona, encouraged me to create and sell. By 2013 we launched our first line of false lashes in Sephora, which was, unknowingly then, the beginning of our brand. It was intense and chaotic and hella scrappy; we packed the lashes in my own living room!

By 2014, I was still working as a makeup artist and that’s when I started doing a lot of celeb makeup, which is when I met my now very close friend, Eva Longoria.

Between 2013 and 2016, I feel like we were really just trying to figure ourselves out as a brand. There was so much going on behind the scenes too that no one would have ever known. We were struggling to make ends meet, we had to move offices, manage the company growth, and learn how to hire and train a team to work with us. It was a very transitional time for us that came with a lot of challenges and unknowns. This all happened while I was personally blogging, still learning how to be a businesswoman and balancing that with being a mother. Some days I wanted to cry but I always reminded myself of my long term goals and kept my focus narrowed to persevere.

In 2015, we got our first ‘official’ office and my husband, Chris, and sister, Mona, joined me at the company full time. In 2016 we launched our Huda Beauty Lip Contours, and that’s when I felt like everything changed. At that moment, the brand seemed to finally have direction and our identity was starting to blossom. As a brand, we’ve always just seemed to make it happen. We’ve always wanted to do things differently, make products that are truly game-changing, and play by our own rules. I hope this blog and this brand brings as much joy, inspiration, and love for creativity to everyone as it does to me.

Huda’s Essentials Bundle

Huda’s Essentials Bundle

We’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary with an exclusive bundle containing some of my all-time fave products! From the lashes that started it all to my go-to Lip Contour pencil and Liquid Matte Lipstick in Venus, our revolutionary Melted Shadow formula in my fave shade (Private Jet & Shimmering Sunset), and my newest essential, the skin-transforming WISHFUL Yo Glow Enzyme Scrub. Check out my Essentials Bundle here.

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