This Drugstore Shampoo Works Miracles On Dandruff



Trust us boo, we know how annoying dealing with dandruff can be – the constant itching and flakiness can get on our last nerve. Thankfully, there are tons of solutions to ease and soothe a flakey scalp, including our go-to solution, which is not only clinically proven but also from the drugstore aisle.

Dandruff 101

Dandruff is typically seen as loose, white-ish scales on your scalp and can be a sign of fluctuating hormones, a change in diet, stress, or an unhealthy or unbalanced scalp. While a plethora of shampoos promise anti-dandruff results, allow us to introduce the one that works for us, every. single. time: Nizoral A-D Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, $15. It’s clinically approved, derm-recommended, and seriously underrated. Keep reading to learn how it washed our dandruff down the drain.

Nizoral-A-D-Anti-Dandruff-ShampooSource: Nizoral

What it is: An over-the-counter dandruff shampoo that soothes itching, scaly and flakey scalps with 1% ketoconazole. It has a thin, serum-like texture that turns thick and soapy once lathered. The shampoo smells very menthol-y and fresh – no floral scents in this one!

What it does: Ketoconazole, its star ingredient, is clinically proven to fight dandruff by killing the yeasts that cause fungi infections. It (literally) gets to the root of the problem by reducing fungi that cause excessive shedding and inflammation on the scalp. We like to use it every alternate wash or whenever we feel (or see) a dandruff outbreak. However, Nizoral recommends using it “twice a week for eight weeks, and then as needed to control dandruff.”

What we liked: We noticed an instant cooling effect upon application, which felt SO good on the areas we (guiltily) itched. But after letting our hair air-dry, we also noticed a transformative difference in the amount of flake buildup on our scalp. With a single wash, our itchiness disappeared, as did the burning sensation AND redness on any previously itched patches! The dry flakes were initially fewer (compared to what we had), but they reduced to an all-time low after a few washes.

We also love that it’s gentle enough to use on all hair types, including color-treated and chemically processed strands.

What we didn’t like: Personally, our scalps were squeaky clean after a few days, but our strands didn’t feel as hydrated as usual. So be sure to follow add in a nourishing hair mask once a week. Our go-to is the DIY hair mask Cardi B uses to *really* pack on the moisture.

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