Jan Not Go To Plan? Hit Reset With These Detox Solutions

Product roundups


The pressure of January resolutions… Seriously, no thanks. Even though the start of a new year technically marks the time to set intentions, resolutions, and the like, it’s just a lot. I mean, can we get a moment to breathe a sigh of relief that the past year is behind us without having to instantly jump into metamorphosis mode??

We’re all about cleansing, hitting reset, and a good detox, but at your own pace babes! Which is why we’ve rounded up a few of our current go-to detoxifying products that will help improve your skin, mood, gut, hair, and overall health. The best part? You can try them out whenever you want – this month, next, or even right before 2024 if it takes you that long to get around to it. No pressure; no judgement.

Our Fave Detoxifying Skincare Products:

1. Pholk Beauty Moringa Pore Teatox Mask, $15

1-Pholk-Beauty-Moringa-Pore-Teatox-MaskSource: Pholk Beauty

Georgia Kaolin clay helps draw out pore-clogging impurities and excess oil for the most Pür-ified (and visibly brighter-looking) visage. Green tea extract also soothes stressed AF skin and softens redness.

2. Augustinus Bader The Cleansing Balm, $77

2-Augustinus-Bader-The-Cleansing-BalmSource: Augustinus Bader

Even if you haven’t been *so* great at washing off your face in the past, make it your mission to achieve happy, healthy (clean!) skin this time around. This do-it-all cleansing balm melts off makeup without leaving a greasy residue or disrupting your skin’s pH. Have that detox every single night, and your skin will reward you!

3. Sunday Riley U.F.O. Ultra-Clarifying Acne Treatment Face Oil, $40

3-Sunday-Riley-U.F.O.-Ultra-Clarifying-Face-OilSource: Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley’s fast-absorbing face oil earns 5-star reviews for its ability to clear breakouts – without drying you out. 1.5 percent salicylic acid battles congested pores, while hexylresorcinol and licorice naturally brighten old acne discolorations, and milk thistle and cucumber seed oil nourish thirsty skin.

4. 111SKIN Microbiome Blemish Mask, $115

4-111Skin-Microbiome-Blemish-MaskSource: 111SKIN

Clarifying. Calming. Balancing. These are the three secrets to 111SKIN Mask’s success. Alpha hydroxy acids gently exfoliate dead cells, while rosemary hydrolat and colloidal silver work their antibacterial and anti-blemish wonders. We use it twice a week to keep our skin in check.

Our Fave Scalp Detox Products:

5. dpHUE ACV Hair Rinse and Scalp Scrub Duo, $55

5-Dphue-Apple-Cider-Vinegar-Power-DuoSource: dpHUE

Celebrity colorist Justin Anderson has an A-list clientele (think Kristin Cavallari, Margot Robbie, Miley Cyrus) and an A-list scalp health program. As one of the OGs of the apple cider vinegar haircare game, his scrub-rinse duo has maintained a cult following for many reasons: less itching, flakies, and irritation. These also keep color vibrant longer.

6. GIRL+HAIR Complete Hair Care Bundle, $74

8-Girl+Hair-Complete-Hair-Care-BundleSource: Girl+Hair

This complete 5-step haircare regimen with botanical oils like castor, tea tree, and neem oils is the bomb.com for curls, coils, and kinks. The collection consists of premium ingredients to cleanse and protect natural hair while wearing your hair natural or in weaves, braids, or wigs – the application tip was made specifically to make the process easier. In a hurry? We love the CLEAR+ Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Rinse, $14, for a quick way to gently remove dirt, sebum, and product buildup while repairing any damaged follicles simultaneously, thanks to rice water.

7. Kérastase Fusio-Scrubs, $50

7-Kérastase-Fusio-ScrubsSource: Kérastase

Kérastase introduces the Fusio collection’s latest iteration, Fusio Scrubs – a skincare-inspired treatment that acts like a facial for the scalp in the comfort of your own home. Featuring an exfoliating experience for hair and mind, these scrubs deeply cleanse and refresh the scalp, leaving a balanced base for hair to take root. Reach for Scrub Apaisant Soothing Scalp Scrub, $50,  if you have a sensitive scalp, or Scrub Énergisant Purifying Scalp Scrub, $50, if you’re on the oily side.

8. R+CO TEACUP Peacholine Kombucha Detox Rinse, $32

6-R+Co-Teacup-Peacholine+Kombucha-Detox-RinseSource: R+Co

Tangled-up, difficult to manage locks? Set them free with one application of this lightweight rinse that also removes harsh metals (such as calcium, magnesium, and lead found in hard water) and nourishes dry strands.

Our Fave Detox Supplements & Ingestibles:

9. GOLDE Matcha Turmeric Latte Blend, $29

9-Golde-Matcha-Turmeric-Latte-BlendSource: GOLDE

Jitter-free energy? This powder blend of seven essential superfoods like glow-boosting matcha and immunity-boosting turmeric will get you there. With 30 daily servings to support skin glow, de-bloating, and serene focus, it’s packed with good-for-you fats like MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) that give your metabolism a natural boost… Literally.

10. 27 Rosiers Glow For Good, $55

10-27-Rosiers-Glow-For-GoodSource: 27 Rosiers

No time for a 12-step skincare routine? We feel you. If you want to totally resurface lackluster winter skin, start with a glow-boosting supplement. Clean-meets-vegan French beauty brand 27 Rosiers combines the moisturizing powers of hyaluronic acid, along with vitamin D and powerhouse enzymes, to encourage cell growth via ingestibles. Dry skin doesn’t stand a chance.

11. Beekeeper’s Naturals B.Biome, $45

11-B.BiomeSource: Beekeeper’s Naturals

Need an immune system jolt? Pop the beekeeper’s secret – a propolis-based (a.k.a. bee glue-based) capsule. Their triple-threat formula promotes a healthy gut, supports brain and immune function, and helps regulate inflammation. It also banishes bloat, which is always nice.

12. Sakara Life Detox Water Drops, $39

12-Sakara-Detox-Water-DropsSource: Sakara Life

Sakara makes it stupid easy to detox, just by drinking water. Squeeze a few droplets of their plant-based Chlorophyll into your H2O daily, to rid your body of toxins by moving them through the GI tract.

13. HUM Nutrition Daily Cleanse, $26