Why You Should Consider A Digital Detox This Year


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We’ll be real with you: we couldn’t live without our digital devices, especially our phones. Not only do they help organize our lives and document all those special moments, but they keep us connected with our loved ones. However, although there are so many amazing, life-changing benefits (hello, Apple Pay), there’s no denying that they can simultaneously have a negative impact on our mental health. Ultimately, it’s helpful to occasionally indulge in a digital detox to reconnect you with your surroundings.

The idea might sound difficult, but we’ve cracked down the ABCs to help you (and your loved ones) disconnect with technology to reconnect to your inner zen.

The DL on Digital Detox

Like your green juice cleanses, a digital detox involves stepping away from screens and devices for a from-within refresh. The need to unplug has risen ever since schooling-shopping-socializing turned into a virtual affair (hint: the pandemic).

A study cited technology as a significant source of stress in many lives – pair all day TikToking with a need to reply instantly, and you have an always-on generation. Although the fear of missing out (FOMO) has caused screen times to skyrocket this year, the significant rise in reported mental health issues is enough reason to re-evaluate the relationship we share with our devices.

How to Take A Digital Detox

DW, we’re not asking you to pull out a typewriter, but with a few resolutions and a lot of willpower, here are four ways to redefine your friendship with your digital devices.

1. Create No Phone Zones

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Pretzel Crisps conducted a survey that found 88% of the adults in question were prone to “zombie eating,” AKA staring at screens as they dine. Although it feels mighty productive to clear your inbox as you eat, if you’re able to use this time to reconnect with your family or friends over a home-cooked meal you might notice you enjoy it so much more. The University of Oxford says that eating with a group of people increases social bonding and feelings of well-being.

The Goal: Create designated ‘parking spots’ for devices during get-togethers this year. Place your phones in a basket before kicking off a game of cards or sitting down for meals for notif-free bonding. Commit to making it a safe space for learning fun facts about your family or friends while discussing their days. Care to make things interesting? The first one to touch the phone stack clears the dishes.

2. Use Focus Modes

It’s hard to avoid your phone when the group chat’s buzzin’ with the latest tea, but focus modes stop the pings altogether. Now available on Apple and Android devices, it temporarily silences your notifications to help you focus on the task at hand – be it burning deadlines or when you’re at the wheel! You can either block all alerts manually or opt for a focus mode that automatically switches on during working hours.

The Goal: Enhance your productivity this year with automated focus modes for your 9 to 5 or turn it off before you draw your curtains for a good night’s rest. When you unsubscribe to immediate Instagram updates, you’ll also find more time to journal your thoughts, goals, and dreams in your journal. If you haven’t invested in a 2022 journal, check out our Rose Quartz Self Love Journal, $17.

3. Stop Scrolling and Start Strolling

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When you’re #TeamTikTok, it’s too easy to get caught in a spiral of dances and daily vlogs on your downtime. If you’re not careful, a few minutes can turn into four hours! Studies have shown that stepping out for a stroll instills a surge of motivation to tackle your task-list better as you get a dosage of fresh air.

The Goal: Aim for slotting in a short walk daily, preferably around a green space. It’ll help you bank your steps for the day (10,000 is optimum) while giving your eyes much-needed screen downtime. Hit play on Doja Cat’s Woman before you walk out the door, and we bet that you’ll tackle the rest of your day with a spring in your step. Just remember to keep your device firmly fastened in your bag or pocket! Leave it at home if you can.

4. Create Something You Can Touch

If FOMO begins to take over during your detox, use the 5-4-3-2-1 Coping Technique For Anxiety to acknowledge things around you with your senses. The technique aligns your mental state with your physical being to help you feel grounded amidst a wave of anxiety. Account for the beautiful things around you as you embark upon a journey of self-care for a wholesome refresh.

The Goal: This year, invest the time you spend away from your devices into creating something you can touch, smell, taste, or feel. Bring out your DIY home décor pins or bake a scrumptious cake for your neighbors. If you’re feeling old-school, use your art supply to give yourself a self-portrait (#selfie), or indulge in a pamper session with our Mini Skin Wishes, $89, a set of our self-care holy grails!

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