Drinking This Is The Easiest Way To Beautify, Detox & Zen!


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Winter is here, which means three things: we’re living in cozy sweaters, our skin is a little dry, and we’re constantly craving hot cocoa (with marshmallows, obvs!) But, in an effort to stay healthy and swerve a cold, we discovered wellness teas – really delicious blends of fruits and ancient soothing herbs! Literally, everyone at HB HQ is hooked. If you’re wondering “wtf are wellness teas?” Well, wellness teas are made from a combination of healthy herbs, roots, spices, and plants, that can help to rejuvenate your body, mind, and even better, your skin.

Whether you need to cleanse your digestive system of toxins, calm your mind or energize your soul, there are blends for everything, from weight loss, soul-soothing, metabolism-boosting, and brain-balancing. Here are all the deets on the only beverage we’ll be sipping on this winter to beautify, detox, and stay zen!

Benefits of Wellness Teas

Wellness teas sound great, but if you’re skeptical of their benefits, there are plenty of studies to back them up. They’ve been proven to boost your immune system, enhance weight loss, improve mental alertness as well as help with illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Wellness teas contain lots of biologically active chemicals, (flavonoids and polyphenols), antioxidants, minerals, and amino acids, which can be absorbed throughout the body for a happier, healthier you! Honestly, we didn’t believe it until we tried it!

Our Fave Wellness Teas

sahara teamSource: Sahara and co

By far our fave wellness teas come from Sahara Tea, and each tea targets a different wellness concern, which makes finding the right tea super easy. You can find different blends for different concerns, like slimming, purifying, calming, refreshing, and energizing. Once you know which of those you want, each tea is broken down to show its benefits, whether it’s anti-inflammatory, metabolism-boosting, detoxifying, cleansing, good for digestion, or packed with antioxidants – they even have a ‘First-Aid Kit’ blend, which is anti-nausea, a digestive aid, and a cold reliever.

Probably the best bit is, there’re no nasty chemicals, as the all-natural ingredients are blended by hand in their studio. These are our fave teas and trust us, they smell as good as they taste and make you feel even better!

Energizing: 100 Mysteries, $15

100 mysteriesSource: Sahara and co

Whenever we’re feeling a little sluggish, this anti-inflammatory, restorative blend is perfect and contains the most delicious combination of coconut, ginger, and cinnamon, which help cleanse your stomach, plus apple, almond, black pepper, and nuts.
When we drink it: In the mornings or afternoon.

Slimming: Burn Baby Burn, $15

burn baby burnSource: Sahara and co

This tea will majorly boost your metabolism as it contains Pu-erh tea, one of our fave detoxifying ingredients that has been used in China for centuries due to its proven ability to help prevent your body from producing fat. It also contains notes of ginger and a hint of lemon, so it’ll help cleanse and rebalance the pH of your stomach – remember a healthy stomach = healthy skin! If you ever need a little reset, or you’re just trying to beat the bloat, this is the tea for you.
When we drink it: 30 minutes after a heavy lunch or in the afternoon.

Purifying: Steeping Beauty, $15

steeping beautySource: Sahara and co

This tea is literally overflowing with antioxidants (pomegranates and papaya) and minerals (safflower and cardamom) that’ll fight free radicals that cause premature aging while putting the glow back into your skin. Most importantly it contains white tea, which has been proven to slow down signs of aging in your skin. In one study, it was shown to help protect against the harmful rays of the sun, and in another study, it concluded that it helps keep skin tight and firm. We’ve already got the kettle on…
When we drink it: While we’re masking or during our evening skincare routine.

Calming: Chamomantra, $15

charmomantraSource: Sahara and co

Think of this as the best chamomile tea you’ll ever try – seriously, it’s that good! The rich blend of Egyptian chamomile and hibiscus will help fight harmful bacteria in your stomach, so you can say goodbye to the flu. It also tastes beyond delicious with vanilla, and detoxifying orange and lemon.
When we drink it: When we need to chill or before bed for the best night’s sleep, ever!

Wellness tip: Whenever we’re sipping on any of these teas, we take a couple of minutes to mentally note what we’re grateful for. We simply think of three things – they can be anything from a good night’s sleep to your best friend. It may seem simple at first, but the practice of gratitude has shown to increase happiness and empathy, and reduce aggression.

Let us know if you know if you’ve tried any other delicious wellness teas in the comments below.