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It’s been over a year since the whole world went into lockdown, and TBH our pre-COVID camera roll snaps have us right in our feels. Travel and vacay life is now a fictitious memory and in a quest to fill this void, we went on a little shopping spree around the globe, virtual-style. In part one of this series, we visited South Korea, Africa, the US, and Japan, but we had so many more countries we needed to visit. From the Philippines, Italy, Spain, and Egypt, we discovered a myriad of indie drugstore-priced brands with drool-worthy beauty staples that are worth every dime. Credit cards ready? We in panoramic babes, you deserve nice things so…

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Destination: Philippines

Sunnie’s Face


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The first time we came across this brand, it was love at first sight. Sunnie’s Face is the perfect medium between luxury and budget beauty, with sublime formulations from pigments to finish. Accessibility is a core value for the brand as they curate a stylish, minimalistic range that is so fun, foolproof, and brings together some of makeup’s best essentials.

Price: $13 (595 Philippine Pesos) and under (excluding duos and sets)

What to Shop: Face Glass

The perfect hot girl summer beach accessory for highlights that are so blinding, even the sun’s rays can’t compete. Available in three light-catching shades, this liquid luminizer doesn’t just add glimmer but it leaves skin dripping in dew. Think of an (expensive) post-yoga glow, minus doing the actual exercise part.

Destination: Egypt



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Bræs is a natural hair and skincare brand that lives and breathes women empowerment, with products formulated with self-love and self-care in mind. The brand’s name actually translates to ‘sass’, so bad b*tch energy literally runs deep in their DNA.

Price: $20 (300 Egyptian Pounds) and under (excluding duos and kits)

What to Shop: Booty Oil

Honestly, we saw the product name and we were instantly SOLD. A boujee, antioxidant-packed oil blend for my ba-donk-a-donk? We’ll take three, please — thanks! And the best part, it’s hella versatile too. Use it to plump up your booty skin or lather it on as body oil, lotion, or aftershave.

Alexa, can you play Bootylicious by Destiny’s Child…

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Destination: Italy

Skin First Cosmetics


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Italy is famed for its cinematic scenery, good food, and good wine, and this homegrown brand is also spotlighting the country’s ‘skin first’ beauty philosophy. Listen, treat, repeat is their mantra, ‘placing the interests and needs of their community at the center of their products.’

Price: $37 (30 Euros) and under

What to Shop: Purifying Face Mask

Their face masks are to die for, and this is one of their best-sellers. If you have oily and breakout-prone skin, you’re going to love this white and green clay-infused mask as it keeps sebum levels in check without stripping skin of its moisture. This is due to its fusion of hydrating and moisturizing extracts like cucumber and green tea, with a light dash of olive oil, coconut oil, and shea butter for some glowy goodness.

Destination: Spain

Uzza Skincare


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Uzza is all about simplified, sustainable skincare. In today’s skincare market, which has left many of us overwhelmed by choice, Uzza skilfully blocks out the noise to create a collection of easy-to-use, ‘customized cosmetics’ that get to the point, attending to your skin’s needs with zero hassles.

Price: $54 (44 Euros) and under

What to Shop: Peri Banu Moisturizing Face Cream

Thirsty skin will be a thing of the past once you have this in your bathroom cabinet. When it comes to intense moisture, this baby doesn’t mess around. Squalane, soybean oil, corn germ oil, and sweet almond are all packed in this minute tub to transform skin from parched to baby-soft. Hyadisine — the marine equivalent of hyaluronic acid — also shows up in this formula with its next-level water retaining abilities to ensure wrinkles, and even the slightest fine line, is put on pause. Not today sweetie.

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Destination: Germany

Gitti Conscious Beauty


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Gitti is bringing sustainability to the nail polish industry in a major way, with their plant-based, vegan and eco-friendly varnishes, which allow you to create all kinds of mani graffiti with a clean and kind conscience. From their shade range to campaign visuals, this brand is the epitome of young, fun, and carefree.

Price: $22 (18 Euros) each

What to Shop: No 121

TBH, it’s actually impossible to pick one from their variety of bright, mood-boosting bursts of colors that just look (and make you feel) so darn good. Top three is definitely Sage Green for good vibes only, Uplifting Yellow — a butter color that makes you feel all giddy inside — and Denim Blue, a fave for winter that’ll have you reminiscing of clear blue summer skies.

Destination: India

Dot & Key Skincare

Dot & Key encapsulates the care in skincare with their tender but powerful formulations that combine nature’s best extracts with skincare’s most loved actives, also ensuring that zero harm is done to the environment and ‘our furry friends.’ *likes, follows, and adds to cart*

Price: $20 (1395 Indian Rupees) and under (excluding duos, kits, and combos)

What to Shop: Hyaluronic Hydrating Water Sleep Mask

It has a five-star rating for a reason — this overnight mask will press the reset button on your skin as you catch those much-needed zzz’s. A thirst quencher to a T, this mask works overtime to replenish and recover skin. Cucumber and chamomile soothe and smoothen texture, then hyaluronic acid gives a good hit of hydration, and to finish off, Bulgarian rose adds that aromatherapy touch to help you chill out.

Destination: Malaysia



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Chuck’s isn’t just a beauty brand, it’s a lifestyle. A safe space that welcomes our ‘unfiltered’ selves with open arms, creating a range of TLC skincare items that embrace and care for all skin types and flaws.

Price: From $28 (excluding bundles)

What to Shop: Self Love For All Honey Cream

‘A sweet treat that will make your skin feel like it’s on a permanent vacation’ — it’s as if they read our minds! Chuck’s multi-purpose face cream is slowly garnering a cult following due to one standout ingredient — 42% Royal Jelly Extract that consists of a potent dose of vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids to give your skin a literal wake-up call. Niacinamide and Malaysian Red Palm Oil are also added to the mix to soothe, clarify, revive and soften your complexion.

Destination: Canada

Bailly Clean Fragrances

The days of carrying full-size EDPs in our handbags are finally behind us, thanks to Bailly’s luxurious, travel-size, roll-on scents. 100% vegan, cruelty, and alcohol-free, these coconut-oil-based, hypoallergenic fragrances were made for sensitive skin types, and the best part, they do good for the environment while leaving your skin smelling even better.

Price: $35 and under

What to Shop: It depends on your mood on a particular day. Maybe you’re feeling feisty, sultry, bawsy, or just zen — either way, there’s a fragrance for all your alter egos. For a warm, everyday-wear scent, we love Discover. Notes include patchouli, vanilla, rose, cassis, and wood. It’s a gorgeous city-girl-securing-bags scent.

P.S, if you missed our first virtual, intercontinental beauty trip, check out what went down in part one of this post where we featured the most bomb drugstore brands with global distribution.

RIP to our bank accounts.

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