Why Everyone Should Read This…


Doris Day Beyond Beautiful

Earlier this year, we read the most amazing book, and it has completely changed our opinions on SO many things… Beyond Beautiful by Dr. Doris Day. As an author, dermatologist, award-winning medical researcher and teacher, and our dedicated Huda Beauty expert, Doris knows literally everything there is to know about the world of beauty. Not only did we learn so much about beauty, but it’s changed the way we feel about everything from how to use fillers and botox (BTW, botox in your forehead may make you look older!), and how to be more beautiful both in mind and body. Legit, we keep this book on our desk like it’s the bible!

Here’re three reasons why reading this book will be the best thing you do this year:

1: It will answer all your skin concerns

As one of New York’s leading dermatologists, Dr. Doris Day knows everything there is to know about your skin and body. If you struggle with acne (BTW, we learnt that some forms of rosacea look almost identical to acne), hair loss, rashes, pigmentation, weak nails (turns out cutting your cuticles is a big no-no!), puffy eyes, facial hair, dandruff – you name it, here you’ll find your solution. We also learned that all those hair growth shampoos, even if they’re great for the health of your hair, will only really stimulate hair growth if they contain minoxidil.

2: Doris’s facial exercises will stop your skin sagging

Doris explains some amazing DIY techniques and facial exercises for tightening the neck and toning the face – you know we love free beauty tips! Our fav is the ‘kiss the ceiling’ exercise to reduce skin sagging – we do it every morning and night while we moisturize our necks and it takes five seconds! Just tilt your neck up to the ceiling and ‘kiss it’ five times, then turn your neck up and left and do the same five times, then repeat on your right side. Doris also helped us see that by completely erasing lines and getting rid of all signs of aging, you can actually end up looking older. You will also finally understand why you should be using SPF, we all know we should, but once you’ve read this, you probably won’t go a day without it.

3: You’ll get the DL on the best treatments

It turns out there are a ton of treatments and non-invasive procedures that will cost you SO much less than surgery, and they’ll give you more beautiful and longer-lasting results; like neuromodulators and laser. Plus, you’ll get the full DL on fillers: where they should be placed for the most beneficial effect (like filler at the tops of your cheekbones can improve laugh lines around your mouth), and which ones will last the longest. Trust us, this is worth knowing… Sadly, not every aesthetician has the knowledge, skill, and well, the moral ground to do what is actually the best procedure for you!

In fact, you shouldn’t have another injection or beauty treatment without reading this book! It will give you an in-depth understanding of the best and latest nonsurgical treatments to make you look younger and more beautiful, while most importantly, embracing yourself! Sometimes it’s actually the most subtle and unintrusive changes that make the biggest difference. As well as all this insanely useful beauty knowledge, Doris’s 11 steps for mindful living are some of the most insightful and helpful tips for having a happy, healthy, and more beautiful life. Get Beyond Beautiful, $19, on Amazon here.

We’re giving away five signed copies of Beyond Beautiful and a mini Huda Beauty goodie bag. All you need to do is leave a comment below telling us your biggest beauty concern, and we’ll choose five random winners later this week. Giveaway closes 25th April (12 midnight GMT), winners will be announced and contacted April 27th. Xoxo