Fall Beauty Trends To Start Wearing Before Anyone Else


Trends are transient; they come and go, and then usually they come back again! One moment a particular look is the hottest new thing, and months later, it feels kinda stale. The real sweet spot for experimenting with a new trend is when it’s juuuuust becoming popular – you want to lead the way rather than trail behind. However, to be a real “trendsetter,” adding your own flavor to a trend is what makes you a leader. So to help you on your way to standing out, we’ve curated a list of fall beauty trends/vibes to experiment with now, before they reach the masses. Seriously, act fast and thank us later.

Grunge Glam

If you ask us, grunge glam will be THE vibe for autumn/winter. The whole grunge girl has been circulating on TikTok for the past year; however, it’s going to cultivate a glamorous reputation. Think glitter and sequins off set with a lingering essence of feral girl summer.

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If you’re confused, let us set the scene: You’re ready to live life and make up for the lost years of the pandemic. You want to look glamorous and beautiful, but your IDGAF attitude adds a lived-in edge that’s both grungy and cool.

Ok, so what does this translate to in beauty terms? Lots of eyeliner accented with a shimmer, holographic lid, and dewy skin, lived-in locks, blurred red lips, and a precise, elongated wing. Basically, use this equation: something hella-grungey + a polished glam element = glam grunge.

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In the past two years, we’ve seen the emergence of goblincore and fairycore, two aesthetics centered around fantasy and mythical creatures, celebrating aspects of life that aren’t typically perceived as beautiful. If you’re wondering how these quirky trends rose to popularity, then allow us to explain! After such a turbulent few years, the world’s looking for any chance to escape and is using the beauty realm to do just that. Instead of using makeup in traditional ways, it’s being used more creatively than ever before. Want to look like a magical fairy on her quest to find the hidden forest? Be our guest. Feel like flexin’ some goblin energy? Go for it.

Plus, now more than ever, society is celebrating individuality, and for the first time in decades, people are being encouraged to be different. This more inclusive landscape has created the perfect storm for these alternative trends to flourish. Add this energy to the world’s fascination with alternative realities, space, NFTs, the metaverse, and digital art, and you get a beautiful hybrid, which we’re referring to as metabeauty. So what does this look like in beauty terms or even on social media?

Expect to see everything, from goblin-inspired looks and ear attachments to anime and metaverse-influenced beauty trends. We’ve already seen anime characters trigger the manga-lash trend, and bright makeup looks with filters that digitally enhance the meta vibe. The bottom line is: be creative and don’t be afraid to get weird.

Airbrushed Nails

We’ll fill you in on a tip (pun intended). If Mei Kawajiri (otherwise known as @nailsbymei) favors a certain nail style, it will become a trend. Mei works with icons like Dua Lipa and Marc Jacobs and is known for her OTT, experimental nail art. One of the latest techniques she’s been experimenting with is airbrushing, which she typically uses as an abstract base and then incorporates other elements like 3d nail art.

The technique was huge in the ‘90s and early ‘00s; it creates this stunning spray-on effect. It does require an airbrushing tool, so it’ll involve a trip to the salon, but honestly, it’s so worth it. Plus, you can combine the effect with other nail trends to guarantee no one has nails like yours.


Contour has ruled the beauty world for the past five years. This year alone, we’ve seen thousands of TikTok tutorials stating “this is the easiest” and “best” way to contour. However, running parallel to this snatched energy –particularly since the pandemic – is skinimalism and no-makeup makeup, which favors a more natural look, free of heavy contour, and instead focuses on a healthy complexion and juicy skin. Expect this sentiment to peak with a self-love aura.

Introducing anti-contour, the ultimate acceptance trend. Coined by makeup artist Bobbi Brown, she encourages people to forget about altering their features and enhance what they have instead. If you have plump full cheeks, focus on them. Full feathered brows? Ditch the tweezers and work with your natural shape. While you may feel that this is nothing new, ever since we stopped wearing as much makeup since the pandemic, we’ve moved in two directions – experimenting and having fun with bold, bright, and beautiful makeup and then an extremely stripped-back vibe that questions the very purpose of wearing makeup at all.

As we continue to deliberate and push back on so many standard practices in the name of self-care, wearing less and less makeup and embracing the natural will reign.

What’s your favorite trend? Let us know in the comments below.