These TikTok Filters Will Instantly Elevate Your Makeup Skills


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Even though we’re #TeamNoFilter, we can’t deny that some beauty filters are pretty cool. Case in point: TikTok filter creator Grace Choi‘s makeup stencils. Unlike your regular facial-tweaking filters, her clever filter collection uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to show you *exactly* where your beauty formulas should go. Choi knew these filters would be revolutionary, so she also used a mathematical theory called the Golden Ratio to help every face type perfect their makeup game. Before we get into it, let’s break down the math. 

WTF is the Golden Ratio?

Ever wondered why roses are so damn pretty? Their intricate petals use the Golden Ratio, which are proportions that make things look “balanced and visually pleasing,” according to Canva. These nature-derived dimensions are proven to have an alluring effect on the eye, which make them popular among designers, architects, typographers, and even makeup artists!

Back to Choi’s filters – her stencils use this ratio so you can perfect your brows, contour, and eyeliner within seconds. A big thank you to Grace Choi for making our lives so. much. easier! Prepare to be stunned…

1. Bomb Brows

@gracemchoi New filter to help you draw your perfect #goldenratio #eyebrows ! ✍🏻🤨——————————— #brows #eyebrowtutorial #eyebrowchallenge #eyebrow ♬ original sound – gracemchoi

First things first, your brows can totally transform your face. If you’ve never experimented with your brows before, using this filter can help you find what could be your perfect brow shape. It uses your natural facial structure as a guide to display pink lines and blue dots that make fabulous (and identical) brows super easy to achieve.

@txsouBruh it actually worked???♬ house of cards – ‘•.¸♡♡¸.•’

How to: Use a brow pencil to mark the three main points of your brow – the start, arch, and tail of the brow. With a light hand, connect the dots to create your desired shape and fill in any sparse areas. Gently brush upwards with a spoolie, and use your pencil to sculpt any areas that may need added definition, like the front of your brow. Repeat on the other side.

2. Snatched Contour

@gracemchoi Enjoy guys! ❤️ Grace #contour #contouring #contourtutorial #cheekcontour #makeup #contouringhacks #contourhack #contourfilter #메이크업 ♬ original sound – gracemchoi

If you’re struggling to find the *perfect* spot for your cream contour, say hey to Choi’s contouring filter that’s got your cheeks covered. This filter uses a blue triangle to pinpoint where you should place your contour for a lifted and snatched finish.

@kamgregory WAITTT they might be onto something😳 do y’all see a difference? #contour #facelift #makeuphacks #foryou #makeupchallenge ♬ original sound – niah🕷

How to: Blend a few drops of liquid highlighter onto the top of your cheekbones before switching the filter on. Apply your cream contour over the blue triangle and blend upwards and into your hairline. Repeat to intensify as per your liking, and repeat on the other side.

3. Sharp Eyeliner

@gracemchoi I really need a new eyeliner pen …#eyeliner #eyelinertutorial #eyelinerhack #wingedeyeliner #eyelinerfilter @gracemchoi @gracemchoi ♬ original sound – gracemchoi

Ever thought that your eyeliner could smell fear? Not anymore, boo, because this filter draws the hardest part (the angle, duh) for you! With that out of the way, you’ll legit take seconds to go from baddie to Maddy – can’t talk about eyeliner without referencing Euphoria, right?

@ling.kt I kinda like it, I prefer free styling my liner though #eyelinerfilter #eyelinertemplate #eyeliner #filter #makeupfilter #makeuphacks #makeupchallenge ♬ Cool for summer x Pony – Kuya Magik

How to do a classic wing: Draw over the pink line with your eyeliner and stop where the line splits into different colors. Using the end of your iris as a reference, connect the line to your upper lid and fill in. Play around with the thickness and shape to achieve your desired look.

How to do a dramatic wing: Once you’ve completed the above, extend to any three (yellow, blue, and pink) lines for added drama. Adjust the shape and thickness and fill in.

You can obviously use these game-changing filters on their own, but we’ve seen TikTokers create looks using allll of them…

@wahmeko #makeuptutorial #makeupfilter ♬ original sound – Tilly ᥫ᭡

…And we’re not mad. Talk about THE guide to product placement, right?

If pulling out a filter to do your makeup isn’t the vibe, check out these 9 TikTok makeup lessons and hacks that actually work.

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