The EASIEST Way To Get Full 'N Fluffy Brows: #BOMBBROWS Fiber Gel!

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#BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel

Hey my loves, I am so excited to share the news with you guys that our brow family is growing fuller and fluffier! Meet the newest addition to our bomb brows family, our #BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel, AKA your new bestie for getting that full and fluffy brow look in seconds! The formula has tiny hair-like fibers that immediately boost volume while taming, tinting and adding thickness for fuller, fluffier brows that stay in place ALL DAY!

#BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel shades

I’ve honestly never found another formula that actually keeps my brow hairs up while also giving me the illusion of a fuller, more fluffy brow. So this has become my absolute go-to. It also has an ultra-thin spoolie for precision application that makes it so easy and quick to use, so you can just swipe it on and go.

#BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel

Just like our #BOMBBROWS Microshade Brow Pencil, we created our Full ’n Fluffy Fiber Gel in the same 8 shades so you can find your perfect match easily, no matter what your brow color.

#BOMBBROWS Full ’n Fluffy Fiber Gel: The Formula

You guys know how we roll… All our products are designed to take you through the day looking as flawless as when you first applied. So, of course, this is a long-lasting formula that’s water-resistant and smudge-proof and will keep your brows looking fluffed to perfection all day; all without your brows feeling crunchy, flakey or stiff!

The unique formula is also loaded with microfibers that thicken brows by adhering to skin and hair to dial up the density of your brows. As well as immediately adding volume, we loaded the formula with a hair-conditioning complex – coconut oil, vitamin E, castor oil, and cyperus oil – to ensure your brows stay looking healthy and full even when you’re not wearing it.

#BOMBBROWS Full ’n Fluffy Fiber Gel: The Brush

#BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel brush

We armed our #BOMBBROWS Full ’n Fluffy Fiber Gel with a micro-precision brush, specifically designed to easily comb through brows without clunky product build-up. The spoolie lets you get precise application; I like to use the tip of the brush to create hair-like strokes. You can also load it up to add more pigment in sparse areas for immediate fullness.

Whether you want to create a feathered, fluffy effect or a natural, groomed finish, I just know you guys will love the freedom this brow gel gives you.

#BOMBBROWS Full ’n Fluffy Fiber Gel: The Shades

#BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel shades

Shade 1 – Warm Blonde: For blonde hair with golden undertones

Shade 2 – Neutral Blonde: For blonde hair with a mix of cool and warm undertones

Shade 3 – Caramel Blonde: For red hair or dark blonde hair with warm undertones

Shade 4 – Light Brown: For light brown hair with warm undertones

Shade 5 – Medium Brown: For neutral brown hair with a mix of cool and warm undertones

Shade 6 – Rich Brown: For dark brown hair with warm undertones

Shade 7 – Black Brown: For black hair with warm undertones (my shade)

Shade 8 – Soft Black: For black hair with cool undertones

#BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel shades

My Tips & Tricks for Using #BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel:

I like my eyebrows pretty strong and pretty dark, so I like to use the brush as it comes without wiping off any excess. Brush the spoolie through and upwards to add fullness and create your desired shape. You can also wipe off any excess product from the tip and use it directly on the skin to add depth and fullness very precisely.

For a soft, defined look:

  • Brush hairs upwards using #BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy first to sculpt and create the shape.
  • Apply #BOMBBROWS Microshade Pencil in areas where you would like added definition, such as the front of the brow.

 For a full, fluffy look:

  • Use #BOMBBROWS Microshade Pencil to draw hair-like strokes and add natural-looking definition throughout your brows!
  • Blend with the spoolie.
  • Brush brow hairs upward using #BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel to build volume.

#BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel

I cannot wait for your guys to get your full and fluffy #BOMBBROWS on!

Our Huda Beauty #BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel, $19 USD (£16, €19, 82 AED), will be available to shop online at and with our other online retailers on September 9th. Join the waitlist to be the first to get your hands on our new #BOMBBROWS Full ‘n Fluffy Fiber Gel.