This Hair Tool Will Give Your Scalp The Big "O"


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Okay, so, that… We want that!

Sure, a $200 head rub to melt your worries sounds… Promising, but we found the ultimate tool to destress your scalp for under $20. Save the occasional self-care splurge for now, because guys, these scalp massagers are all you need for MAJOR root-gasm – thank us later, boo.

What Are Scalp Massagers?

Think: The scalp’s answer to a face roller

Thanks to our obsession with scalp-care-everything, haircare brands did us a number by redesigning those antenna-like tools you probably used in middle school. Scalp massagers are hand-held brushes with spikey bristles that work to dislodge dirt and pore buildup while stimulating your hair follicles for a supreme pamper experience. They make way for healthier scalps by whisking away dead skin and product buildup, and TBH, they work great to soothe us when we’re stressed!

Okayyy – Do I Really Need One?

The Ohhhs that follow are a mere bonus to the beauty benefits. Not only does it provide the most satisfying gentle exfoliation but it also stimulates scalp circulation, thereby encouraging healthy hair growth. It doesn’t hurt that it’s super-affordable and leaves your tresses glossier than ever. Like the occasional back rub from your boo, a scalp massager is a cheap, guilty pleasure that feels SO. Damn. Good. 

Where Do I Get a Scalp Massager?

Treat your roots to an exquisite experience with these options under $20 – cue the moans!

1. Tangle Teezer The Scalp Exfoliator & Massager, $10

1-Tangle-Teezer-The-Scalp-Exfoliator-&-MassagerSource: Tangle Teezer

It’s no surprise that Tangle Teezer came through with an ergonomic exfoliation tool for your showers. If you’re a regular here, you’d know that we’ve fangirled over their two-tier teeth technology before so, you’re no stranger to its long, exfoliating bristles and pressure-stimulating short teeth. DW, it’s slip-proof, too. Made for all hand sizes and hair types, add to cart STAT.

2. Heeta Hair Scalp Brush and Massager, $10

2-Heeta-Hair-Scalp-Brush-and-MassagerSource: Heeta Hair

When you don’t want to screw up a fresh mani, but it’s time to shampoo, you need to add this silicone-brush tool to your shampoo routine. Easy on grip, not so easy on the slip, it puts your scalp to work as it boosts circulation for seven glorious minutes in heaven.

3. Kitsch Pro Scalp Exfoliator, $6

3-Kitsch-Pro-Scalp-ExfoliatorSource: Kitsch

Perfect your daily scalp massage with this exfoliating tool that whisks away gunk and grime while detangling stubborn knots without breakage. Pair your fave shampoo and conditioner for a pamper combo, or use it with nourishing hair oils.

4. Cbiumpro 2-Pack Shampoo Brush Massager, $14

4-Cbiumpro-2-Pack-Shampoo-Brush-MassagerSource: Cbiump

This silicon find is a luxe upgrade for your scalp routine with long silicone bristles to stimulate your roots and melt away your worries. Scrub-a-dub the excess sebum, flakes, and dry shampoo away.

5. Queenwill Handheld Scalp Massager, $15

5-Queenwill-Handheld-Scalp-MassagerSource: Queenwill

Not only does this handheld scalp massager vibrate to sweep away product buildup, but its two working modes really give your scalp allll the pleasure. With regular and pulse settings, consider it the supreme multi-tasker for detangling curls, massaging products in, and overall satisfaction.

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That was fun – now let’s scratch your itch to learn about the signs of an unhealthy scalp and what to do about it.

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