This Scalp Soak Is A Fast-Track Ticket To Healthy Hair (In 5 Minutes!)



If you’ve spent your hot girl summer lathering your dry tresses in hair oil, spritzing sunscreen on your scalp, and snatching your hair to perfection, we’re guessing your scalp needs a little TLC. Well, thankfully, we’ve got the ultimate product recommendation: Hello Klean’s Clarifying Scalp Soak, $34 – it’ll detox your scalp in seconds without drying it out or slathering it in harsh ingredients. This Clarifying Scalp Soak has become an integral part of our weekly hair routine, and our scalp and hair have never felt cleaner or looked healthier.

Whether you’re dealing with excess oil, a flakey scalp, hair that looks dull or feels out of balance, then this baby is here for you. And the best thing? It’s been specifically tested and formulated to work for all hair types! Here’s our full review:

What it is: A low foam clarifying scalp soak formulated with detoxifying apple cider vinegar (one of our fave natural ingredients), hydrating fermented rice water (a centuries-old DIY fave), and strengthening sweet almond oil. This powerful trio of natural ingredients simultaneously detoxifies your scalp while soaking in essential nutrients to boost hair health in one step. It’s also cruelty-free, fragrance-free, certified vegan, and free of sulphates, silicones, phthalates, and parabens.

What it does: When we say this scalp soak goes above and beyond, we mean it! The low-foam formula removes all traces of the three big causes of build-up – product residue, pollution particles and hard water – from the very first use and leaves your hair feeling restored, rebalanced, and healthy AF.


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How it works: The apple cider vinegar, which is packed with AHAs like malic acid, gently exfoliates the scalp while balancing the acid mantle’s pH. Next up, the fermented rice water will work overtime to hydrate and soften your locks as it’s rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins B and E. Finally, sweet almond oil helps strengthen dry, damaged hair while adding softness and shine. It’s the ultimate tri-factor of hair-happy ingredients, that when combined, will free your hair of buildup and show your tresses some love.

Another major bonus? It works wonders on all hair types, whether you have coily or fine hair – you can simply tailor the amount and frequency you use the scalp soak to suit your hair. If you’ve been blessed with curls, it will also help define your curl pattern as there’s less product weighing your hair down. And, of course, as your scalp gets healthier, your natural curls will become even bouncier and juicy. Just take a look at this before and after!


Of course, when it comes to any product that claims these kinda beauty miracles, we want to see the receipts. Hello Klean confirmed that clinical testing showed that after one application of the Clarifying Scalp Soak to hair with pollutants, there was a significant reduction in buildup found on the hair shaft. Just check out these results from their clinical testing!

hello klean resultsSource: Hello Klean

What we liked: As you can probably guess, we loved this formula. Not only does it remove all traces of dirt from your scalp, but it leaves your hair feeling super lightweight and insanely clean in a way even your fave shampoo does not. We also loved that it didn’t leave your hair feeling deprived of moisture, thanks to the fermented rice water and sweet almond oil. We can also confirm that it transforms your locks from the very first use. It does exactly what it claims!

We also love that Hello Klean is committed to sustainability, and among their eco-friendly initiatives, Scalp Soak is 90% plastic-free to help minimize single plastic usage.


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Tips for using: Because the formula is very low foam, it’s easy to go overboard and use more product than you need to. However, from experience, when we went over the recommended amount, it didn’t rinse out as well, so be sure to use it as directed and rinse thoroughly. When we used as we should have, the results were insane! So, be sure to follow to guidelines as per your hair length and texture:

  • Coin size: short/thin hair
  • 3/4 palm: long/thick hair
  • Full palm: curly/coily hair

Thoroughly wet your hair, then apply the soak in sections, starting at the front and working your way back – this will allow you to ensure your scalp and hair are evenly coated. Massage the formula into the scalp (we loved using the Hello Klean Exfoliating Scalp Brush) and leave it to soak in for five minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with warm water.


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We use this in place of both shampoo and conditioner because it actually does both! However, if you have coily, curly or kinky hair, we recommend spritzing hair with a leave-in conditioner post-shower, as more porous hair types will want a boost of moisture.

It’s also important to note that the amount that it foams will also depend on your water type. If you have hard water, we thoroughly recommend upgrading your shower situation with a shower filter, as this can make a tremendous difference to your hair too. In fact, this is how we first discovered Hello Klean, as we were super impressed with their shower filter – check out our full review here.

For more haircare deets, check out our scalp 101: what to do and what not to do.