My Holy Grail Moisturizer! Honey Whip Is Everything You Want From A Moisturizer


Honey Whip Peptide Moisturizer

Hey my loves, I am so pumped to finally be able to show you guys the moisturizer I have always dreamed of having, one that my team and I have finally made for WISHFUL. Meet our Honey Whip Peptide Moisturizer, a lightweight, non-greasy formula that firms, lifts, repairs, and plumps the skin thanks to some of my fave natural extracts – Manuka honey and cica – and potent actives like peptides and collagen.

Honey Whip Peptide Moisturizer

It is literally everything I ever wanted from a moisturizer. It’s skin-repairing and insanely hydrating but still extremely lightweight thanks to the light-as-air, whipped texture that never feels heavy, sticky or greasy.

The Formula:

I really wanted to create that one moisturizer that everyone would love – a formula that packs a punch with incredible ingredients, which also feels amazing on the skin. That last factor is so important to me because no matter how good a formula is, if it leaves an uncomfortable residue on your skin, it just makes you not want to use it. What’s so unique about Honey Whip is that it provides intense hydration, but the formula instantly absorbs! You’re also going to really love this if you tend to have oily, acne-prone or combo skin because it’s such a light, skin-soothing cream. It’s also non-comedogenic and dermatologist-tested.

Honey Whip Ingredients:

Honey Whip Peptide Moisturizer

You guys know how much I love natural ingredients – I’ve been using them in my DIYs for years – so this formula had to take advantage of some of my faves. But as much as I love natural ingredients, we’ve also packed in some powerful, science-backed ingredients like peptides and collagen, which really go that extra mile to make structural changes to your skin that help plump and firm.

Honey Whip Ingredients

Peptides: Peptides are a magical skincare ingredient because they act like little messengers, signaling your skin to produce more collagen. As a result, they help firm and plump the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines.

Manuka Honey: A super moisturizing ingredient packed with antioxidant properties that help smooth, soften, soothe and calm the skin.

Honey Whip Peptide Moisturizer

Cica: Well-known in Korean skincare, this iconic ingredient is known for its soothing properties that help reduce redness, itchiness or irritation. It’s also incredibly healing and can help speed up post-pimple mark fading and repair the skin barrier while protecting the skin from external aggressors.

Collagen: Legit, the key to youthful-looking, firm and plump skin! Collagen is arguably the most prominent and important skin protein, helping skin to look full and bouncy. Lack of this key structural ingredient can lead to the development of wrinkles and loss of elasticity. The collagen in this formula helps to hydrate the skin and keep it functioning at optimal levels.

How I Use Honey Whip

Honey Whip Peptide Moisturizer

I LOVE to use this during the daytime as it’s PERFECT under makeup and also works beautifully before SPF without ever feeling heavy. And even though Honey Whip is light enough for daytime, it’s also rich enough to use at night thanks to its moisturizing and reparative properties that last all night long. I love to layer it under our Get Even Rose Oil for the ultimate skin-plumping, skin evening cocktail to wake up with radiantly glowing skin.

How to use Honey Whip:

1. Always start with clean skin – or use after you’ve applied your toner and serums.

2. Gently massage the moisturizer into your face and neck in circular motions. If you tend to have dry skin, feel free to layer on another light layer to intensely nourish and hydrate!

Our WISHFUL Honey Whip Peptide Moisturizer, $43 USD (37 GBP/ 43 EUR/ AED 186), launches on on August 31st! Be sure to tag @wishfulskin on Instagram and use #RealSelfieSunday – I can’t wait to see all your glowing selfies.