Why Honey Balm Will Give You The Best Glow Of Your Life!

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I am so excited to tell you guys about our newest addition to the WISHFUL family, our luxurious Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer – a unique formula that really goes above and beyond to hydrate, brighten, reduce the appearance of pores, and bring that glow! It’s packed with hydrating, skin-soothing ingredients, and I use it every single day in my routine. As you guys know, I’ve been using the incredible ingredients from Mother Nature in my own DIYs for years thanks to their skin-enhancing properties, so I really wanted to harness some of my faves, like honey and turmeric, to make this balm as nourishing and effective as possible.

The Formula

WISHFUL Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer

The texture of this balm is so divine and unlike anything else I’ve ever tried – it has a whipped, almost jelly-like texture that helps it to melt into your skin for the most amazing, sensorial experience. We also added finely crushed, ethically-sourced lavender pearls that give a beautiful iridescence to the skin. This means that as well as the long-term benefits of this moisturizer (I’ll get to that shortly!), it gives an immediate glow that is so beautiful and satisfying.


The Ingredients

I’ve always used honey as my go-to for skin hydration, and this is one of the key ingredients in Honey Balm that helps keep skin moisturized for up to 24 hours. The addition of brightening turmeric root extract helps to even skin tone and acts as a powerful antioxidant to protect the skin while niacinamide, a form of vitamin B, visibly reduces the appearance of pores and brightens a lackluster complexion. We also added lavender oil – the inspiration for our beautiful lilac packaging – which really enhances your self-care experience thanks to its calming and relaxing scent.


Having always had problematic skin, I wanted to make sure this formula would work for all skin types, so it’s non-comedogenic (it won’t block pores) and non-acnegenic.

The Results: It’s not just talk, we have some incredible results that show what an amazing formula this is. Based on an independent test*, 97% agreed their skin felt instantly hydrated. After 10 days, 100% felt their skin was more moisturized, 98% agreed their skin felt soothed, and 97% agreed their dry patches had visibly reduced, and that their skin felt smoother, healthier, and softer.

How to Use Honey Balm

WISHFUL Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer

1. Always start with clean skin – or use after you’ve applied your toner and serums.

2. Gently massage the moisturizer into your face and neck in circular motions while taking deep, slow breaths to enjoy the relaxing lavender aroma.

How I like to Use Honey Balm

huda wishful moisturizer

Honey Balm can be used day and/or night, and because of the gorgeous luminous finish and texture, it also works really well under makeup as a primer – but honestly, this makes my skin look so pretty that sometimes I don’t even want to put anything on top!

If I don’t have time for a full routine in the morning, this is my go-to because it’s just insanely hydrating and locks in moisture, and it’s everything my skin needs for the day. I also love to use this on my neck and décolleté (you should always take your skincare all the way down), because it gives your skin a beautiful luminosity and a glass-like appearance. Plus, a little goes a long way!

WISHFUL Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer

The Inspiration

While I was on a trip to Seoul with my team I discovered this unique balm-like texture in one of my fave skincare labs and I just knew it was perfect. The unique formula does such an incredible job of locking in moisture and I knew if we combined it with my fave natural ingredients, it would be a true game changer.

Meet the WISHFUL Moisturizing Wand

moisturizer wand

We also created a Moisturizing Wand that can be used with the moisturizer for easier application – especially when you’re on the go and don’t want to use your hands. The 100% vegan brush is crafted from three different fiber lengths that allow you to effortlessly apply product in a thin, even layer across your face and neck. The long bristles hold product on the surface of the brush while shorter bristles support even application over the skin, making it so much easier to get to hard-to-reach places. It works perfectly with Honey Balm, but you can also use it with serums or your fave face primer – I literally use it with everything.

The WISHFUL Honey Balm Jelly Moisturizer, $49 USD (43 GBP/ 49 EUR/ AED 212), and Moisturizing Wand launch on HudaBeauty.com this Thursday! Be sure to tag @wishfulskin on Instagram and use #RealSelfieSunday – I can’t wait to see all your glowing selfies.

*Results based on an independent consumer test on 35 people, of all skin types, tones, and sexes using the product twice per day.