How To Stop Underboob Sweat From Sabotaging Your Daytime ‘Fit



Underboob sweat can be a serious pain in the ass, especially when it transpires with zero warning. That first drip down your cleavage can quickly lead to underboob sweat patches, and honestly, it happens to the best of us! But before we say RIP to outfits of the day tainted by pesky sweat stains, thankfully like all other annoying beauty dilemmas, there are several quick fixes to keep underboob perspiration in check.

Fortunately, New York-based dermatologist Dr. Doris Day reassures us that “Sweating is healthy and necessary to help regulate our body temperature,” and is totally normal and happens to all of us. She gave us the DL on all things breast sweat, covering causes, prevention, and a few worthwhile remedies to keep you and (your vacay thirst trappin’ fits) perfectly dry this summer.

Why do we get boob sweat?

Dr. Day explains that areas “like under the breast, are areas of occlusion — in other words, where the skin of the undersurface of the breast sits right on top of the skin beneath it. This can increase and trap heat and moisture.”

Pesky (but treatable) side effects

Have you ever noticed itchy under boobs after a day of heavy sweating in the sun? We certainly have, and never really knew why! Dr. Day says that “The combination of occlusion and moisture is the perfect catalyst for yeast infections. This can appear beefy red in color and can be very itchy.” While this is usually just uncomfortable and can often go away by itself within hours or days, Dr. Day recommends that “If you have redness, itching, or tenderness in any body-fold — under the breasts, in the groin, or under the arms — see your dermatologist right away for treatment.”

TBH, underboob sweat is one of those things that most of us have just learned to get on with, but if like any other beauty conundrum you’re looking to find a solution, then, of course, the beauty industry answered your prayers!

Check out a few tried, tested, and HB-approved solutions that do one hell of a job at banishing underboob sweat:

The Best Deodorant: Secret Derma+ Invisible Gel, $8

Secret-Derma+Invisible-Gel breast sweat

Source: Target.

This gets two thumbs up from skin docs all-around. Made by female dermatologists, this is a transparent gel-form deodorant specifically formulated to get perspiration and moisture-induced odors under control. Besides the underarms, you can utilize it on other sweat-prone areas like under the breasts. It includes provitamin B5 to keep the skin well-moisturized, soft, and free from irritation. Aloe also makes a cameo in this formulation for a dose of soothing hydration and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Dr. Day also gives it her seal of approval and told us, “I have found it more effective and less irritating than anything I’ve seen on the market.”

Our Go-To Lotion: Fresh Breasts Lotion, $12

Fresh-Breasts-Lotion breast sweat

Source: Amazon.

Hundreds of shoppers swear by this under-the-radar beauty find for keeping the “girls” sweat-free in the heat. It applies as a silky cream at first and later dries down to a soothing cooling powder that keeps wetness and chafing at bay. If you find powders a little messy or tricky to handle, this is a foolproof and easy-to-use alternative. Scent-free and quick-drying, a little goes a long way with this one.

The Do It All Powder: Megababe Bust Dust, $16


Source: Megababe Beauty.

Another all-star that deserves a spot in your shopping cart — this is talc-free dust that comes in the form of a tiny pump for easy, targeted, and zero-mess dispensing. It contains aloe, lavender, and chamomile — a fresh-smelling trio that also possesses some great skin-protective properties, keeping irritants, bacteria, and skin inflammation in check.

The Magic Powder: Lush Silky Underwear Dusting Powder, $12

Lush-Silky-Underwear-Dusting-Powder breast sweat

Source: Lush.

A beauty buy that we guarantee you’ll end up purchasing over and over. This dusting powder will keep your bosoms moisture-free, and this is thanks to kaolin that sops up all sweatiness. This does contain corn starch too, which Dr. Day cautions against, but give it a try and see how it works on your skin. And we gotta talk about its scent! Jasmine and vetivert oil make one decadent duo, creating a gorgeous floral and earthy aroma that lingers all day. You’ll also find hints of organic cocoa butter in the mix that will leave your skin feeling nourished and velvet-like.

The Best Liner: More of Me to Love Bra Liner, $16 for a 3 pack


Source: More of Me to Love.

And in the fashion department, this bra liner seriously comes in handy for some added protection. With bra accessories, comfort is key and this gem provides exactly that due to its bamboo and cotton material that stays perfectly snug on skin with zero itchiness or irritation. It’s also extremely absorbent, soaking up every drop of sweat that may target your crop top or tee.

Other Preventative Hacks

If trying out a new product isn’t your kind of solution, Dr. Day has some other alternative suggestions: “The fabric you wear can make a big difference. Look for cotton or ones that wick moisture away from the skin. You can use an absorbent powder (I like Zeasorb powder) to help draw up the moisture. You could also try using antiperspirants in the area. The skin can be sensitive, and antiperspirants can be irritating, so use this cautiously and see how your skin responds. You may want to try some on only one side first, so if you react, you’ll only have the reaction on one area.”

Now that we’ve covered skin, check out our list of sweat-proof makeup for a flawless summer beat.