How To Use Concealer To Snatch & Lift Your Face



If you’re a #TikTokgirlie or an Instagram baddie, chances are you’ve seen tons, if not hundreds, of 30-second snatched glam tutorials. However, there are so many ways to slip up when trying to achieve the highly coveted snatch lewk. As per, we’re here to set the record straight with a detailed tutorial and all the insider tips you really need to slay the look.

How to Use Concealer to Snatch Your Face

Concealer is honestly one of our fave makeup products, but when you team it with a loose-setting powder, you’ve truly got an unbeatable match. By using the two products together, you can achieve the most stunning snatched look that makes you look lifted and sculpted without even using contour. It basically plays with light and shadow to enhance your facial structure, so it still looks natural. It’s giving that #Snatural vibe!

You just need to find the right snatch shade, know where to strategically place your concealer, then get blendin’ and bakin’. The final look is just *chef’s kiss.* Plus, thanks to the setting powder, it literally will not budge an inch all day, and just gives your complexion this airbrushed finish that’s totally unparalleled. Check out our video for the full DL.

Pro tip: When applying and blending out your concealer and setting powder, always go in an upward motion. This will enhance the lift for a gawgeous, snatural look.

How To Find Your Snatch Concealer Shade


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Okay first, let’s get into the basics. When it comes to concealer, there are three concealer paths to explore:

Your true skin match: The concealer that matches your foundation shade seamlessly and can be used to conceal anything, from pimples to uneven skin tone.

Your brightening shade: A natural-looking, brightening concealer shade that is roughly two shades lighter than your foundation and is typically used on your undereyes. For many of us, this is our go-to shade to work with, as it can also double up for targeted spot application in many cases.

Your snatch shade: This should be three to five shades lighter than your true skin shade, depending on the level of snatch you want to achieve. Use this shade sparingly to create the illusion of light, which helps lift and shape the face.

To ensure your complexion blends seamlessly, your snatch shade should have the same undertone as your foundation and true skin shade. For example, if you have a warm undertone, look for a snatch shade with a warm undertone. Check out how to figure out your undertone here.

foundation undertones explained

So, with our Huda Beauty #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Concealer, $29, if your true skin shade is Granola 450G, (G meaning golden undertone), look for a hue two shades lighter that also has a golden undertone, like Graham Cracker 410G. Different brands may use different letters for undertone coding, so keep an eye out. When looking for a loose-setting powder, you can also look for a shade that has the same undertone. In this case, the Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Setting Powder, $35, in shade Banana Bread, also has a golden undertone and perfectly complements the golden-toned concealer shades mentioned above.

Check out #FauxFilter Concealer and Easy Bake Setting Powder in action:

Pro tip: When shopping for a concealer and loose-setting powder, shopping them from the same brand means that the two formulas have both been created to work harmoniously together. Therefore, you can feel more confident that they will be a perfect complexion combo with complementary undertones and formulations.


Do you guys like to use a snatch shade in your makeup routine? Let us know in the comments below.

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