Obsessed With Our First Ever Lip Balm: Diamond Balm

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Huda Beauty Diamond Balm

You guys know I’m all about high impact pigment, so you might be surprised by our newest lip launch, Diamond Balm – a stunning, super nourishing lip balm infused with shimmer that hydrates and moisturizes your lips while leaving a gorgeous sparkle.

I’m obsessed with lip balm, and we all know hydrated lips are the key to looking fuller and plumper! I’ve been wanting to create our own Huda Beauty balm for so long, but I had to make sure it would make me feel just as amazing as our lipsticks do. So, we created Diamond Balm in six sultry shades: Negligee, Dirty Thoughts, Seductress, Censored, Femme Fatale, and Lace Panty. Each buttery balm adds subtle color while a sparkling duo-chrome finish makes your lips look like they’ve been dipped in diamonds – and who doesn’t want to shine bright like a diamond?

The Formula:

Huda Beauty Diamond Balm shades

The super lightweight formula is packed with hydrating, rich emollients, including mango butter extract that helps soften the skin and make the balm glide smoothly across the lips leaving them pillow-like and supple. We also used innovative gloss-like polymers that support longer-lasting color and create a luminous finish by enhancing the pearl reflection, while skin-friendly waxes ensure the balm is flexible and ultra-comfortable to wear. Sheer pigments add a subtle pop for shining, sexy lips.

Diamond Balm Shades:

huda beauty diamond balm shades

Negligee: My FAVE shade, Negligee is our signature beige-brown balm with a glam, gold-crushed diamond exterior. It’s the perfect everyday shade but with a head-turning finish – it’s also the color I’m wearing in the image above.

Dirty Thoughts: This pretty lilac lip balm has a subtle gold-crushed diamond finish that effortlessly elevates a no-makeup makeup look.

Seductress: If you’re feeling a little flirty, this peachy, light pink balm adds a subtle pop of color and finishes with a gold-crushed diamond sparkle.

Censored: This deep purple lip shade with a pink-blue crushed diamond shift is seriously sexy.


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Femme Fatale: Embrace your inner vixen and go deep with this intense reddish-purple shade that only intensifies due to its pink and blue crushed diamond shimmer.

Lace Panty: If you’re feeling feminine and a little flirty, this warm-pink lip balm has a pinkish-blue crushed diamond exterior that will leave a gorgeous glow.

My Tips For Wearing Diamond Balm:

Huda Beauty Diamond Balm shades

1. Sweep each one of the buttery balms across lips first thing in the morning to put a sparkle in your step. Then reapply throughout the day whenever you need a pick me up.

2. Try layering it on top of one of your favorite lipstick colors. It’ll add some sparkle as well as enrich the color oh-so subtly.

3. The hydrating formula will soothe and hydrate your lips in a second, so make sure you keep these on you at all times.

Negligee, Dirty Thoughts, and Seductress will be available with our retailers globally while Censored, Femme Fatale, and Lace Panty will be exclusive to HudaBeauty.com. Shop all the shades plus our Diamond Balm Vault on HudaBeauty.com here.


Which is your fave shade? Let me know in the comments below. x