I Need Your Help To Change The Beauty Industry!

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Hey my loves! So for a long time I’ve been really troubled with how the beauty industry is going. The EXTREME photo editing and Photoshop culture create unrealistic standards of what beauty is and it needs to STOP. I’ve spoken about these things before and I just feel a sense of responsibility, as a beauty lover and a brand founder, that I can’t let things keep going the way they are.

All these heavily edited images have gone too far, and we need to know what’s real in the ads we see on the internet; otherwise, we don’t know what we’re really being sold! We want brands to disclose what they’re doing to their images – we’re not asking brands to stop Photoshopping (although less would be great).

I know this is controversial and a lot of people are going to have mixed feelings about this, but I also see a lot of you out there who also want this change. I can’t wait around for someone else to do this because this is about the future for all of us and it’s the right thing to do.


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The truth is, when we launched WISHFUL Skincare, we decided we wanted to make the brand free of makeup, photoshop, models (we use our team), and also filters – after all, it’s skincare, so it doesn’t make sense to use makeup and editing for campaigns. When we looked around for other brands to see who else was doing this, we found BARELY any, and I was SHOCKED (and kind of mad), to say the least!!

The problem is that when brands, influencers, or celebrities post heavily edited images, it sets unrealistic beauty standards for everyone.

Let’s be honest, Big Beauty companies have told us we are not good enough, so they could make us feel like we needed some “thing” to complete us – as if we are not ok just being ourselves! I can’t tell you how many people I have interviewed from Big Beauty companies that have told me they have been PROFESSIONALLY trained to create “convincing arguments” about why people HAVE to buy their products! SERIOUSLY?!!!

Beauty is a tool of EMPOWERMENT, not to be used solely to make money, and therefore ignore its positive power! It is life-changing when it’s used as a form of expression and empowerment instead of making beauty a tool of exclusion and unworthiness!

The beauty industry has been used (and honestly abused) to capitalize off of everyone’s insecurities for WAAAY too long, and those overly photoshopped images are a way of keeping that dangerous narrative going!

We’ve been trapped in creating this standard of ‘perfection,’ and I realize now more than ever before just how harmful it can be. I want everyone to join us and sign our petition on this journey to demand transparency. It’s 2021, and enough is enough.


We all deserve to love ourselves and set our own standards, not the other way around. We deserve the honest truth, and we should know everything that we’re buying into. So, we want other beauty brands and influencers and celebrities to join us in pulling back on photo editing on social media. To make a start, let’s get transparent and own up to editing content because people need to know what’s real and what’s fake.

Help us to make this change by supporting our online petition: Beauty brands must disclose if an image has been edited when posting on social media.

We hope you will join us on this journey to a more transparent beauty industry and encourage your fave beauty brands to start to #OwnUpToEditing. You can start by signing our petition and by sharing it with your friends and other beauty brands.

I love you all and I hope we can start to make this change TOGETHER!