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When you’re on the quest for a new do-it-all skincare product, it’s common practice to consult the big names at Sephora and pick up their latest offering. And while they’ll most likely do the job, there are SO many other dope brands flying under-the-radar with insane innovative formulas that also deserve the spotlight. From skin-positive acne stickers to highly concentrated African botanical serums, these formulas are just as praiseworthy and are likely more affordable than those with a designer name upping their price point! So stop sleeping on indie brands, and check out our current faves and the formulas we’re loving RN!


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Price range: $20 and less!

If you’re unfamiliar with Starface, chances are you’ve seen their hero-product on all your favorite skin-positive influencers. We’re referring to those cute yellow, rainbow, and holographic pimple stickers.

Co-Founder’s Julie Schott and Brian Bordainick created Starface with a clear end goal: to create a joyful acne-care line that helped you feel empowered and celebrated rather than shamed. Their line-up features soothing, effective formulas in brightly colored packaging that are a far cry from the clinical derm solutions that came before them. Everything from the packaging to the product name has a thoughtful, “feel-good factor.” You’ll also notice instead of models they use their very unique ambassador, named Big Yellow. The choice to have a non-human face was deliberate, as Julie and Brian didn’t want to create another point of unattainable comparison. They have literally thought of everything.

Our fave pick: Rainbow Hydro-Stars, $14

Available at: Starface.world


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Price range: $20 to $60

With the tagline “Personal care, reimagined” Nécessaire aims to change the way you approach body care. Although their 6-product line up is petite, it focuses on providing effective, clean formulas that feel luxurious and nourishing. Viewing body care, as a form of self-care, their products are free from chemicals, parabens, silicones, and toxic ingredients. Instead, their “yes list” of ingredients includes vitamins, amino acids, probiotics, essential oils, and herbs to deliver real skin results. The brand is now sold in Sephora so getting your hands on this ultra-chic self-care brand is super easy.

Our fave pick: The Body Serum, $45

Available at: Sephora, Nordstrom, Nécessaire

Alypyn Beauty

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Price range: $30 to $70

Alpyn Beauty, like so many beauty brands, was born out of necessity. When Founder Kendra Butler left her job as a beauty executive in NYC and moved to Wyoming, she struggled to find formulas that were nourishing enough to soothe her skin from the dry mountain air. So, she opened a boutique beauty bar that attained a cult following. She slowly began to develop her own line, which uses wild-crafted (sustainably harvested rather than cultivated) plant extracts packed with natural actives that’ll make a noticeable difference to your skin. We’ve been using the PlantGenius Survival Serum, $68, throughout quarantine and our skin is softer, plumper, and glowier than ever before #obsessed.

Our fave pick: PlantGenius Survival Serum, $68

Available at: Alypynbeauty, Sephora

Hyper Skin

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Price range: $36

Hyper Skin is another brand founded by a woman who couldn’t find an effective solution to her personal skin concern. Creator Desiree Verdejo experienced hormonal breakouts and post-inflammatory pigmentation during her pregnancy and despite working in a beauty boutique and being surrounding by premium skincare, she couldn’t find a product that would restore her skin. So she created the Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum, $36, their first and only product. And we’ve got to say, the formula seriously comes through. Enriched with brightening vitamin C, as well as turmeric and bearberry, the glow-enhancing serum works overtime to restore texture and drastically lighten dark spots, age spots, and post-inflammatory pigmentation. We can’t wait to see what’s next in their lineup.

Our fave pick: Hyper Skin Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum, $36

Available at: gethyperskin

Epara Skincare

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Price range: $50 to $250

Birthed from Founder Ozohu Adoh’s kitchen, the bespoke skincare line offers impactful formulas tailored to the needs of deeper skin tones. The name of the brand; Epara, means to “cocoon oneself” in the Nigerian Dialect of Ebira. Inspired by the saying, their crafted scientific formulas are designed to wrap your skin in nourishing goodness. Comprised of natural ingredients sourced from the soils of Africa, their products are deeply hydrating and restorative. If hyperpigmentation or dehydration is a concern of yours, Epara Skincare should be your go-to skincare line.

Our fave pick: Brightening Night Balm, $140

Available at: Eparaskincare, Saksfifthavenue

Allies of Skin

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Price range: $30 to $120

Allies of Skin embodies three main principles: effortlessness, speed, and efficiency, which explains it’s evergrowing popularity. Overwhelmed by the noise in the beauty industry, Founder Nicolas Travis set out to create a line of uncomplicated, targeted products. Free of filler ingredients, and instead packed with well-rounded efficacious ingredients like retinol, peptides, and antioxidants, these products will help you yield the skincare results you’re looking for.

Our fave pick: 1A Retinal and Peptides Overnight Mask, $109

Available at: Allies of Skin, Cultbeauty, dermstore

Jordan Samuels

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Price range: $20 to $50

The story of Jordan Samuel’s eponymous beauty brand is unlike anything we’ve heard before. Jordan initially began to create soothing formulas on a quest to clear his skin from the harsh lights and heavy formulas it would endure on stage – he’s a ballet dancer by profession. Shortly after his retirement, he then furthered his skincare knowledge by becoming an esthetician. Replacing his dressing room with a treatment room, he began to try his nurturing formulas on his clients. The results? Scientific formulas inspired by the healthy and nutritive choice of ballet dancers, refined and trialed on real skin. From The After Show Treatment Cleanser, $22, to The Performance Eye Gel, the formulas take center stage and are infused with skincare heroes like CoQ10, retinol, amino acids, and natural botanicals.

Our fave pick: Hydrate Facial Serum, $29

Available at: jordansamuelskin, CultBeauty

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