LEGIT Lashes, AKA The Only Mascara You’ll Ever Need!

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Of all the products we have created, mascara has been one of the most challenging, complex, and lengthy processes! You guys know I’m obsessed with false lashes, and that all stems from the fact that I always had very short, sparse lashes. I wanted to create a mascara that would give me the confidence to go falsie-free, and I can finally say that we did it with our first-ever mascara, LEGIT Lashes! It had to be the best, so we created two brushes and two formulas in one to create the ultimate multi-tasker for full volume, dramatic curl, and insane length.

Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes

When we decided to make a mascara five years ago, I told my team that I wanted it to be so amazing that we would never need to release another mascara, and honestly, with LEGIT Lashes, I know I won’t need to. One thing I noticed out of the hundreds of mascaras I’ve tested over the years, is that to get the most length and drama, you really need to use a volumizing mascara combined with a lengthening mascara. Which is why we had to create two formulas and two wands: Volume and Curl & Length. The combination of these two mascaras means that no matter what kind of lashes you have, they will look incredible with this mascara!

Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes before and after

The LEGIT Lashes Formulas & Brushes

As always, we wanted the pigment to be extreme, so like our Life Liner, LEGIT Lashes is in our signature Very Vanta shade, an extremely rich pigment achieved with “Black-2” Liquid pigment, an alternative to carbon black and blacker than iron oxide.

What’s so unique about LEGIT Lashes is you’re actually able to achieve multiple results. You can choose to use either mascara by itself or layer them up for a super dramatic look.

Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes


Our Volume mascara creates intense volume and definition with intertwined petal bristles made of rubber that help to evenly distribute the unique formula through the lashes. Made with soft waxes and a combination of low gravity volumizing fibers, the lightweight formula allows you to build layer after layer of beautiful volume without weight, stiffness or clumping.

Huda Beauty LEGIT LashesLength & Curl 

Formulated with unique gripping waxes that coat every lash and patented 5mm lengthening fibers that work to mimic natural lashes for an immediate lengthening effect, this mascara alone gives the wow factor. The unique formula is paired with a curve-injected brush featuring nine rows of conic bristles with gradual size so that each hair gets coated and combed to maximum curvature.

Both formulas are ophthalmologically tested, suitable for contact lens wearers and sensitive eyes, and they’re also fragrance-free.

The Inspiration

Creating this mascara really has been a process! Check out how we did it and how I like to use it:

Legit Results on Real Lashes

Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes before and after

We didn’t come to play and we’re not making any BS claims either. LEGIT Lashes is only shot on real people with real lashes – no editing, Photoshop or visual tricks here! What you see is what you get; just LEGIT Lashes. And, to back it up:

  • 100% of people agreed their lashes looked fuller and multiplied
  • 100% of people agreed they had an instant lash extension effect
  • 100% of people agreed these mascaras gave their lashes extreme curl and extreme length*

How to Get the Best Lashes with LEGIT Lashes

Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes before and after

Everyone’s lashes are unique and we all prefer different looks, so play around with these formulas to find the looks you love. You might love Curl & Length by itself for a sexy daytime look, or maybe you find that layering Curl & Length before Volume is your absolute go-to. Here’s how I like to use LEGIT Lashes:

1. Start by curling your lashes with a lash curler for at least 10 seconds. This is my cardinal rule for fluttery, sexy lashes as it helps to lift and visually add length to your lashes – although TBH, this isn’t entirely necessary with our mascara!

2. Using the Volume mascara, start at the root of the lashes and zig-zag the mascara wand back and forth, building up the mascara at the base before you move toward the tip of the lashes. This movement from root-to-tip will help to coat each and every lash and distribute more formula at the base for extra volume and wispy lashes.

3. Immediately after, layer the Curl & Length mascara on top and continue to comb through until your lashes are fully coated and ready to go.

Huda Beauty LEGIT Lashes

For me, lashes are the epitome of femininity, and since I don’t have any, I’ve always been obsessed with fake lashes – until now! What I love about this mascara as it’s able to work for all types of lashes, from sparse or short to fine, straight or long, and I hope this mascara gives you the same confidence that it gives me.

LEGIT Lashes will be available online at HudaBeauty.com and our other retailers on May 20th. Join the waitlist on HudaBeauty.com to be the first to get it!

*Research Results: Based on an independent panel test of 22 women using the “Volume” mascara followed by “Curl & Length” mascara.