Forget Lip Fillers, Lip Threads Are WAY Better


Nurse-Jamie-Lip-ThreadsSource: Nurse Jamie

If fillers aren’t your thing but you’ve always wondered what a plumper pout might look like, then you’ll be intrigued to know that the cosmetics world is coming through for you with a new procedure: lip threading. No, we’re not talking about using cotton threads to pluck out your mustache, we’re talking about injecting small ‘threads’ into your lips to add a plumping and contouring effect. Pretty cool, right?

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We spoke to celeb skin expert, Nurse Jamie – aka the woman behind the contoured faces of Jessica Alba, Kelly Rowland, and most of Hollywood – to get the full rundown on how a lip thread lift works, the results, and who it’s good for. Be prepared to trade in your fillers for this ultra-natural alternative – and by natural, we do not mean unnoticeable results!

How does a lip thread lift work?

how does a lip thread lift workSource: Nurse Jamie

Nurse Jamie explains that lip threads are inserted through the borders of the lips and “when inserted beneath the skin, the PDO sutures hold up drooping skin like a scaffold.” Jamie says the results are subtle: “You will notice more of a definition than volume increase. The outline of your lips is likely to be more raised and therefore more defined. Think of it as a semi-permanent lip liner with an extra bit of lift.”

Nova-Threads-DiagramSource: Nurse Jamie

If you’re wondering what the actual hell is a lip thread, Nurse Jamie tells us that they use PDO threads, which are made of polydioxanone (a complex sugar that naturally breaks down into carbon dioxide and water), and that these are eventually dissolved by the body.

The lip thread lift procedure:

Like fillers, this is one of those lunch break treatments. Lip threads often only take 30 minutes, although Nurse Jamie counters, “The length of procedure will depend on your practitioner’s skill and on how many threads are being placed.”

Check out how Nurse Jamie does a lip thread in the video below (the process has been slightly sped up):

Source: Nurse Jamie

We asked Nurse Jamie about the pain-level of a lip thread procedure, she told us: “Pain is very subjective, and it also depends on the area where filler/threads are placed. We typically apply a topical numbing cream prior to insertion. Lips have many more nerve endings so there is some pain.”

The cost:

Threading starts at around $1200, but prices could go up or down depending on how many threads are necessary for the desired result.

The results:

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A lip thread lift can last anywhere from six months to a year, and while Nurse Jamie assures us there’s practically no downtime, she does say that “any time you insert a needle, the possibility of bruising/swelling exists.”

While hyaluronic acid-based lip fillers can be dissolved with hyaluronidase should you be unhappy with the results, lip threads can be somewhat broken down with lasers (or radio frequency).

Lip Threads vs. fillers:

Jamie told us that “Many men love the look of additional lift and definition without adding volume. Sugar threads are a great alternative if you have been unhappy with fillers. The beauty of threads is they add lift without adding volume.”

However, considering the average cost of lip fillers is usually around $400 to $1000, having a lip thread lift is definitely much pricier.

Can lip threads go wrong?

“We prefer to not use the threads that contain bards, the metal part that would permanently remain in the skin. We use only non-barbed dissolvable threads and can make the non-barbed threads last longer and lift more by using a “crisscross” pattern making a “matrix” if you will, to support the skin and by using the PDO threads this way no metal part remains in the skin that could potentially cause “puckering” over time. This is not to say that some practices use the barbed threads without event, but we as a practice choose not to use barb threads for our patients here. However, the smooth PDO threads are very popular with our celebrity clientele.”


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