6 Makeup Artist Hacks For The Glowiest Skin of Your Life


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If there’s one thing that’ll never go out of style, it’s beautiful, healthy skin. Some people are born with it, others are striving toward it, and some have gotten there. Whatever the case, it’s fair to say we’re all trying to one-up ourselves from one day to the next when it comes to the glow factor. To help you do exactly that, we enlisted the expertise of makeup artists who were happy to share their best tips.

1. Prioritize Your Skincare Regimen


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Every makeup artist you ever talk to will repeat the same thing: great skin starts with a great skincare regimen. This is something achieved by figuring out what products and techniques work best for you and then remaining steadfast in your efforts. Makeup serves as a fast cheat – and it genuinely works – but it’s still worth doubling down and investing in your AM and PM routine.

“I promise you, any beauty campaign [you’ve seen] spent a lot of time preparing the skin. If you want a truly glowing complexion, you’ve got to take the time,” says Mary Irwin, a celebrity and editorial makeup artist based in New York. “Start with a hydrating mist and then a serum. Use a face roller to push that product in and then add a lymphatic massage [if you desire]. Follow up with the correct moisturizer for your skin type.”

2. Use a Shimmering Makeup Setting Mist as a Primer

There are no rules when it comes to beauty, and this hack – which says to start with a makeup setting mist instead of ending with one – is proof of that.

“I like to use makeup setting mist as a primer since it helps foundation stay on longer,” says Andrew Sotomayor, Emmy award-winning celebrity makeup artist to stars such as Kerry Washington and Jennifer Lawrence. “I’ve also found that if [there’s a bit of shimmering] pigment in a champagne color, it creates a lit-from-within effect. This hack is especially great for hi-definition TV and red carpet – [or all those up-close selfies] since it creates the glow without having to actually have wet skin, which can at times read as greasy.”

shimmering setting spray

We recommend Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Dewy Setting Mist, $26, or Makeup Revolution Glow Revolution Illuminating Face & Body Spray, $15.

3. Set Your Makeup with Powder Highlight

Speaking of breaking rules, this hack from Irwin is equal parts genius and simple. “Instead of setting your makeup with regular setting powder, very carefully set with highlight powder,” says Irwin. For this hack, choose a product that’s not super glittery or overly shimmery, but instead more subtle. You can also do some strategic setting by using the highlight powder on high points of your face and regular makeup setting powder on the rest, which “allows you a ton of control for the level of shine you want.” A good option is Honest Beauty Luminizing Powder, $20 or the Jaclyn Hill Mood Light Luminous Powder, $32, which comes in five gorgeous, illuminating shades.

4. Opt for a “Duo-Finish” Approach


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This is a more advanced approach, but if you’re eager to experiment and you’ve got the time then why not? You’ll essentially use two different versions of your favorite foundation and then apply each strategically.

“If you like liquid foundation, pump some liquid makeup into a jar along with your favorite liquid highlighter. If you wear cream from a compact, stir highlighter into one of the compacts [or de-pot a small amount of the product],” says Sotomayor. “Apply the regular formula in the T-Zone, the jawline, and under the eyes. Apply the luminous formula across the cheekbones of wherever you want a glow. Using a matte and a dewy version of the same foundation means you’ll have one even color all over, but you’ll accentuate only your best features.”

Try L’Oreal’s True Match Lumi Glotion Glow Enhancer, $15, which comes in four shades. Glossier’s Nightshine Highlighter Concentrate, $20, is similar and also comes in four shades.

5. Turn Your Powder Highlighter to Liquid

Speaking of highlighter, another way to create a better glow is to transform your go-to powder product into liquid. “All you have to do is swirl a powder brush in your favorite powder highlighter, then mist the brush with a moisture mist or a setting spray,” says Sotomayor. “It will liquify the powder highlighter on the brush so you can apply as usual, but without a chalky look and without clogging your brush with tons of product compared to using liquid highlighter drops.” We like Makeup Revolutions’ Highight Reloaded, $7, which comes in six colors.

6. Try “Underpainting” for a Subtle Sculpt


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While this is another hack that requires a bit more skill, you don’t have to be Michelangelo to pull it off. It’s basically backwards contouring, and we’re obsessed. “Instead of contouring, create dimension under your foundation by using white, yellow, or orange to pull bone structure out. Using the color that correlates to your skin tone, hit the high points of the face,” says Irwin. “Next, apply your preferred foundation on top along with your favorite shimmer highlight in strategic places. This gives incredible dimension and glow to the face without looking over-contoured.”

Have you guys tried any of these glow-enhancing techniques before? Let us know which one you’re most excited to try!