An Expert’s Guide On Manifestation To Jump Start The Best Year Of Your Life 



A few years back, we came to know of manifestation long before we even knew what the power of manifesting was. We performed the simple task of writing out our intentions for the year ahead from career goals to financial stability to our dream destinations and we dont know what kind of mystical magic we aroused but, by the time we reached the December holidays, we had actually managed to actualize some of our goals and desires.

Ever heard of the phrase, if you want something, put it out into the universe?Well, thats pretty much how manifestation works. Clairvoyant and tarot reader Sydney Mcintosh (Twitter: @SydDivineTarot) defines manifestation as the practice of continuously having a positive mindset to pull in the things you desire. You’re asking the universe to make it happen for you [and to do so], you have to remain positive and set your intention. If you constantly think of a negative outcome, it will manifest in ways you dont want it to. 

Manifestation and The Law of Attraction 

In an article by Bustle, writer Kendall Wood describes the Law of Attraction as ‘the idea that investing positive energy and belief in any desired outcome will allow a person to bring the outcome to fruition. In other words, you have the power to get what you want simply by believing in it. According to Mcintosh, manifestation and the Law of Attraction pretty much work hand in hand — “when you feel 100% confident and believe you deserve the good things coming to you, this mindset will shine through and manifest to bring in your goals and desires in an easy and positive way. The universe ALWAYS listens to your wishes — dont think it’s not!

4 Little Rituals to Achieve a More Positive + Productive Mindset in The New Year 

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1. Be Your Very Own Hype Woman 

Positive affirmations are a great way to filter out negativity and open yourself up to more good vibes and positive energy. Things as simple as today will be a good dayto ‘I will ace my next examcan really help shift your mindset,reveals Mcintosh.

2. Start a Manifestation Journal

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Mcintosh fully backs putting your intentions in writing. This little activity can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day and doesnt require much time to carry out. Keeping a notebook to write down what youre grateful for and what youre praying for [really does help]. Every morning, write down what you want to happen that day; you may even go to your mirror and speak positively to yourself or leave positive notes around your area. [These little deeds can help] to keep your confidence and vibe up! 

3. Cleanse (and Take Care of) Your Space 

Decluttering your physical environment is another effective way to reset and refocus your energy and mindset. Feng shui in your room is so important,” says Mcintosh “consider the task of simply taking care of something like a house plant [for instance], every day that you tend to it, water it and care for it, you speak to it positively for it to grow. Think of your body as the same! You have to feel comfortable to keep up a positive mindset, so keep your space comfortable and clean.Mcintosh suggests setting crystals around you, lighting incense, turning on soothing or happy music to set the mood of [your space]. Doing this can also help get your chakras moving and when your chakras are aligned, you can manifest things faster.So essentially, a clear space fosters a clear mind, and when you dont purify your environment once in a while you may start feeling clouded mentally or your energy drained, and this can result in you feeling like you dont have the power to achieve what you want. 

4. Visualize Your Dreams 

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A vision board works wonders, too, as a motivation technique. “Its a super-fast visual manifestation ritual that can act as inspiration for the things youre working hard for,says Mcintosh. And if magazine clippings aren’t your vibe you can create a digital dream board on Powerpoint or Canva instead. Pinterest is a wormhole of inspiration! And dont forget to print out a physical copy of your vision board so you can have it on display for some daily encouragement. 

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