Forget Trends, These Are The Best Nail Shapes To Flatter Your Hands


your-guide-to-nail-shapes-finalNothing can make us feel more boujee than a fresh AF manicure; in just one hour, with the right nail shape, you can go from feeling like you have hobbit feet for hands to majorly fierce. And don’t get us wrong, we love a nail trend as much as the next beauty junkie, but sometimes you just have to do you and pick a nail style that flatters the natural shape of your hand. So, to help your manicure come through, we’ve broken down each nail shape, from coffin nails and almond nails, to help you find your perfect match.

Round-Shaped Nails

Perfect for: Short nails with a wide nail bed
Nail goals: Slim wider-looking hands
Nail shape: Rounded with a flat(ish) tip
round nailsThis classic nail shape is massively popular as it’s probably the easiest shape to recreate at home. The round edge elongates shorter nails with a wide nail bed, making it ideal for those of you who think your hands are a little ‘chubby,’ as it’ll optically extend your finger length to make your hands look more slender.

Almond-Shaped Nails

Perfect for: Short, wide fingers
Nail goals: Lengthen nails and hands
Nail shape: A long nail, which tapers in after the nail bed to a softly-rounded/ pointed tip
almondAlmond-shaped nails have a wider base, slim sides, and end with a rounded point. They make your fingers look longer, but it’s still a natural look. This nail shape is mega popular with the A-lister’s. 

Oval-Shaped Nails

Perfect for: Small hands with long nails
Nail goals: Elongate your hands
Nail shape: Similar to rounded, but with no flat edge at the top
ovalThis nail shape is similar to almond but has a flat, blunt tip. If you have small hands, oval nails should be your go-to as it’ll give the illusion of an extended nail so they look slimmer. Oval nails generally look great on everyone, just make sure you’re not a nail-biter as this look needs long nails.

Square-Shaped Nails

Perfect for: Long fingers and slim hands
Nails goals: Shorten fingers and add width
Nail shape: Flat tip with square edges
squareSquare nails will have blunt, straight edges, so they’re super low maintenance and the most practical nail to work with. They’re also perfect if you’ve got thin hands or long fingers, as it’ll help them look a little wider and less ‘stretched.’

Squoval-Shaped Nails

Perfect for: Short nails
Nail goals: Low maintenance, natural nails
Nail shape: A squared oval… like a square tip, but with slightly rounded edges
squovalA natural nail that suits all shapes and sizes because it follows the outline of your cuticle so that it’s almost square but with softer, curved edges. It’s also really easy to maintain and doesn’t require any nail length, so it’ll work if you’re a nail-biter!

Stiletto-Shaped Nails/ Pointed Nails

Perfect for: Short fingers
Nail goals: Elongate short fingers
Nail shape: Very long and pointed
stilettoThis elongated shape will lengthen your hands by drawing the eye to the sharp pointed tip making them look lean and seriously glam. The only downside is that they require regular salon upkeep (they only really work with false nails), so it may be slightly impractical.

Coffin-Shaped Nails/ Ballerina Nails

Perfect for: Long, strong nails
Nail goals: Lengthen wide/ short hands
Nail shape: Long and tapered like stiletto-shaped nails, but with a square tip
ballerinaThis slightly edgy, long slender nail shape is cut off and squared slightly at the tip of the nail. If you want to pull this off, you’ve got to have strong, long nails and if you don’t, then fake nails are the answer.

What’s your fave nail shape, and would you try another if it made your hands look sexier?