Why TikTok’s #OneLayerMakeup Technique Deserves ALL Your Attention


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Give us a new complexion technique, and we’ll love you forever. Recently, TikTok’s earned our high-fives with a hack that delivers a flawlessly blended base, which serves glazed donut energy, lasts all day long, AND can be achieved in under five minutes. It literally ticks every box. Needless to say, we’ve already switched up our routines, and we’d like you to join us. Here’s why the hack deserves your undivided attention:

The Viral Hack

@chloemorello It WORKS! Plus it saves product & time ✅ #makeuphacks #makeuptechniques ♬ original sound – Makeup & beauty with Chloe

The hack:  While most of us tend to apply a layer of foundation followed by concealer, blush, bronzer, and highlighter, TikToker and beauty guru Chloe Morello has a more simple approach. Her new hack involves applying her cream formulas all at the same time before misting her face with setting spray and blending the formulas in.

The hype: The original video has over 177,000 double-taps (so far) for one obvious reason: it delivers a full beat without the effort – cue the round of applause. Besides cutting down on glam time, it creates a luminous, dewy skin finish thats wears all day.

@kamgregory one layer makeupwhat do we think? #makeupchallenge #makeuphacks #foryou ♬ original sound – Makeup & beauty with Chloe

How to get the look: It’s simple – apply ALL your cream formulas in one go, including concealer, blush, and contour, wherever you usually would apply them on the skin. Spritz your beat with setting mist, and then blend everything together, starting from the lighter products (concealer) to the deeper formulas (blush and contour/ bronzer) using your go-to tool. If the formulas feel dry or difficult to blend, simply add more setting spray.

To save time, you don’t have to do the dot method application. Instead, you can swipe on your formulas in strategic places for a faster version of this hack.

What we liked: TBH, we’re always excited to try viral complexion hacks, but this one just hits different. It’s. So. Damn. Easy! Blending all your cream products into “one” layer helps save time while preventing your makeup from looking cakey if you end up layering a little too much. Instead, your skin looks fresh and dewy, serving glazed donut vibes. Plus, thanks to the power of the setting spray, the cream formulas last all day long. We’ll be using this hack daily for our no-makeup makeup look, and we’re even keen to give it a try for a full glam moment.

@stxph.h would u guys try this?? such a smart concept but it was hard trying to blend everything separately ib: @Makeup & beauty with Chloe #fyp #singlelayermakeup #makeuptrend #makeuphackseveryday #basemakeupapplication ♬ original sound – Makeup & beauty with Chloe

Top Tips:

  • If you have oily skin or want to improve the longevity of your look, set your cream formulas using a large fluffy brush and a loose setting powder. This will also ensure that your makeup doesn’t crease and will help to blur skin.
  • For more coverage, use your fave full-coverage formulas, and once you’ve blended everything together, go in and spot conceal any other areas you want to add a little extra coverage t
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@beatbyhailey had to trust the process w this one, I love the final product tho #onelayermakeup ♬ original sound – Makeup & beauty with Chloe

The Final Verdict

We know a good hack when we see it… And this is definitely one of them. We predict that makeup mavens, especially babes on a tight schedule, will soon ditch their usual routines for this natural glam hack – we know we already have.

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