Going With The Flow: Finding Power And Joy In Your Period


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We don’t have to tell you that for the better part of history, menstrual cycles and periods were considered a very taboo topic. In fact, in some cultures, people literally had to go away from their village during menses because they were considered “unclean.”

Travel back in time even a few decades ago and periods were still pretty “hush hush.” In fact, in 1985, Friends star Courtney Cox was the first person who ever said the word “period” on screen, and the Earth shook in 2017 when Bodyform used red liquid in a period-related commercial for the first time, instead of the sterile-esque blue liquid we’d always seen before. Two thousand and seventeen.

To say that strides have been made in these last five years would be an understatement — menstruation has finally gotten its long-overdue makeover. Not only are people and companies openly discussing periods, but they’re outright embracing that time of the month.

From hormone-supportive cookie care packages to period-proof clothing, to pampering products and a fleet of organic and eco-friendly options, the period care industry is absolutely booming. And we’re here. for. the narrative shift. What better way to celebrate than to share some of our favorite period care products out there? Let’s give it up for the brands leading and joining the period wellness movement.

1. Moon Cycle Bakery, $34

1-Moon-Cycle-Bakery-MonthlySource: Moon Cycle Bakery

This one’s almost too good to be true. Moon Cycle Bakery’s monthly subscription service delivers two treats for each of the four phases of your cycle (menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal). These wholesome tasty treats were developed using clinical research to “ensure that the whole ingredients included will nourish your body while wildly satisfying your tastebuds.” We love the idea of making each phase of your cycle more festive.

2. HUMMINGWAY The Cycle Soother, $29

2-Hummingway-The-Cycle-SootherSource: HUMMINGWAY

While periods serve as a reminder of our raw power, cramping can certainly do a number on us. HUMMINGWAYS’s The Cycle Soother, $29, is a period patch that you apply to your lower abdomen to help calm minor discomfort to severe pain. Formulated with essential oils and hemp-derived CBD, each patch is meant to be left on for 24 hours.

3. Flo PMS Gummy Vitamins, $32


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We’re forever here for another reason to eat a yummy supplement. Flo’s PMS Gummy Vitamins, $32, are plant-based, strawberry flavored, and can help alleviate premenstrual symptoms such as cramps, bloating, mood swings, and hormonal breakouts.

4. KETISH Potion Soothing Oil for Feminine Care, $32

4-KETISH-Potion-Soothing-Oil-Feminine-CareSource: KETISH

If you love the idea of a soothing oil to take a moment of self-care for yourself, you have to try the KETISH Potion Soothing Oil for Feminine Care, $32. Every drop contains a calming blend of botanical oils that help you feel calm and comfortable. Simply apply to your abdomen, lower back, wrists, or temples and massage it onto your skin.

5. Thinx Period-Proof Panties, $35+

5-Thinx-Period-Proof-PantiesSource: Thinx

Having that nagging, worried feeling in the back of your mind about a potential period leak can disrupt your day. Not to mention your inner calm! Enter Thinx period-proof panties, which are made with absorbent materials that soak up about five tampons’ worth of blood. They’re available in lots of styles and are a serious game-changer.

6. Rael Organic Cotton Tampons, $7

6-Rael-Organic-Cotton-TamponsSource: Rael

You have so many options for organic and eco-friendly cotton tampons, pads, and panty liners. We’re partial to Rael for a handful of reasons. For starters, the price tag is reasonable at $7 for 18 tampons and the packaging is cute. Also, the tampons are made with 100% certified organic cotton from tip to string (good for the environment, good for your vagina), and the cardboard applicator is biodegradable.

There’s still lots of work to be done when it comes to discussions about menstruation. For example, a number of big-name companies continue to tiptoe around the topic or try to position their products as “discreet” for one reason or another. It’s truly the smaller, independent brands that paved the way for more open conversations, and for that, they deserve some applause.

Ultimately, open discussions about periods are key to alleviating feelings of shame or disgust. Changing the dialogue around periods can also help with period poverty, and a sense of empowerment around menstruation can help people feel more comfortable in their bodies.

What’s your take embracing periods? Let’s chat about it in the comments.

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