20 Protective Masks That Will Keep You Safe (& Looking Cute)



Due to the ongoing COVID-crisis, wearing a face mask in public has become the new normal, and in many countries, mandatory. And while it may take time to adjust to the new standard, it could literally save lives! According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) wearing a mask can help prevent asymptomatic carriers from spreading the virus. In fact, many medical professionals credit masks for the tighter control of the virus in Asian countries, where wearing masks is routine practice.

In response to the increase in demand, many brands have designed their own masks that are both practical, purposeful, and seriously cute. Some retailers are also using this opportunity to give back by using upcycled fabrics, donating masks or contributing a portion of the proceeds to a COVID-related charity.

So, it’s time to leave the surgical masks for the medical professionals in need, and invest in a fabric mask instead. To help, we’ve curated a list of 20 great mask options, whether you’re looking for a sustainable option or statement maker.

We’d also like to reiterate that wearing a mask is not a substitute for regular hand washing, which is the most important practice to protect you from COVID-19.

1. Luminora Protective Face Mask, $15

protective mask Source: Luminora

If you find masks uncomfortable, the Luminora Protective Face Mask could be the solution. The mask is made from yarn that’s infused with a plant-based oil; it’s soft, lightweight, and most importantly, breathable. It’s also temperature regulating, odor-resistant, and protects your mouth from respiratory droplets. The selection of patterned fabric is an added bonus!

2. Ari Jogiel The Vanguard Mask, $26

protective masksSource: Ari Jogiel

The Vanguard Mask is made with antimicrobial fabric with sewn-in cotton gauze to create an additional filter. It’s available in three sizes, however, each mask has an adjustable fit for maximum comfort. Plus, with every mask purchased, Ari Jogiel will donate one mask to frontline workers.

3. Chnge Face Mask, $29

protective masksSource: Chnge

Activist brand Chnge, who are known for their provocative slogan tees, has also jumped on the mask bandwagon. With each mask purchased, Chnge will donate 50 meals to individuals in need through their partnership with Feeding America. They’re also available on a made-to-order system to avoid waste.

4. Christy Dawn The Sustainable Mask, $30

protective masksSource: Christy Dawn

These super cute masks are made from 100% double-deadstock cotton with behind-the-ear elastic for a snug, protected fit. They also help you “pay it forward,” as with every $30 order you’ll be purchasing 10 masks in total: five for your personal use and another five that will be donated to those in need.

5. Soul Carrier The Cloud Covering, $14

protective maskSource: Soul Carrier

By supporting Soul Carrier, you’ll simultaneously be helping the Child Crisis Nursery and other shelters and facilities where communal living is inescapable. Made by seamstresses in the USA, the double-layer, dry wicking fabric is comfortable to wear, and easily attached. We also love the name of the brand, which serves as a daily reminder: we’re all human!

6. Etsy Tie-Dye Face Mask, $16


Source: Etsy

Tie-dye is one of quarantine’s biggest trends, and so it was only a matter of time before we saw tie-dye masks. This mask is also cushioned with a built-in sponge for extra protection and comfort.

7. 8 Other Reasons 3-Pack Face Mask Set, $22

protective mask Source: Revolve

This multi-set from Australian Brand 8 Other Reasons is as chic as it is affordable, with each mask costing less than $8. The one-size-fits-all mask has an easy fit-elastic ear loop, which will be hella-helpful when you’re running out the door!

8. Bella Baby Reusable Mask, $11

protective masksSource: Etsy

We instantly fell in love with this fabric – it’s so pretty and more importantly, practical. Each 100% cotton mask has a wired nose area for a snug fit and an optional filter pouch for additional protection.

9. Good American Denim Face Mask, $5

protective maskSource: Good American

The Good American Denim Face Mask is available in four denim rinses so you can mix and match the mask to go with your look. But most important to note, every time you buy one of their reusable, washable masks, one will be donated to local businesses in need.

10. MINNA Shapes + Lines Sustainable Mask, $15

protective masksSource: Minna

These artisan masks are made from pattern off-cuts to minimize production waste. Therefore, each mask will vary slightly, adding a surprise factor to your delivery. They’re also sold on the “buy one, give one” premise – so far they’ve donated to the Two Bridge’s Women’s Shelter and Albergue Belén Migrant Shelter Chiapas, Mexico. Don’t worry if they’re currently out of stock, as they restock each week.

11. Sixty-Nine Denim Cow Mask, $6

protective masksSource: Sixty-Nine

This 100% cotton, washable mask has one layer of fabric, however, it’s the same thickness as a double layer. It’s comfortable, breathable, and the fabric pattern is seriously dope.

12. CASETiFY Reusable Cloth Mask, $15

protective masksSource: Casetify

Each cotton reusable mask is packaged with two single-use filters for an added layer of protection (you can then repurchase more filters or supply your own). There are four colors available: black, white, pastel pink, and blue.

When you buy a reusable mask, Casetify will donate a surgical mask to a health worker in need, so far they have donated 35,000 masks to Direct Relief.

13. Zazzle Decorative Cotton Face Mask, $16

protective masksSource: Zazzle

If you want something more personal, the Zazzle 100% cotton mask with elastic straps allows you to print a design of your choice onto the mask front. It could be anything from your favorite floral print to a meaningful quote. Simply choose from white or black cotton and get creative.

14. Clare V. Bisous Mask, $38

protective masksSource: Clare V.

Each mask in this adorable four-pack set is made from remnant and destock fabric, and embroidered with the brand’s signature CV lips – how cute?! Just keep in mind as they’re made from assorted fabrics, the print may vary.

15.Vida Protective Mask, $10

protective masksSource: Vida

This protective mask is made from two layers of 100% cotton with a metal nose piece and adjustable strap for a cozy, comfortable fit. Supplied with each mask is a multi-layer filter featuring two layers of carbon activated fabric and a meltdown filter, which should be replaced every seven days. There’s also a range of eight shades and one pattern – our fave is the mustard yellow!

16. massksusa Everyday + Filter Face Mask, $16

protective masksSource: masskusa

The Everyday Face Mask mimics the same style as a medical mask with gathered edges and a string attachment for a good fit. There’s also space for carbon insert filters within the cotton fabric.

17. Etsy Leopard Print Reusable Face Mask, $11

protective masksSource: Etsy

How fierce is this mask? Available in both snow and classic leopard print, this mask will instantly spice up your grocery store glam. According to the reviews, shipping is “unbelievable quick” and the mask has a “good stretch and place for a filter”.

18. Avocado Organic Cotton Face Mask, $30

protective masksSource: Avocado

These certified organic masks are made with two-layers of non-toxic canvas cotton with a simple tie strap. Plus, each mask has a small pocket for filter insertion. The best part? As they’re made from 100% natural materials, they’re even biodegradable.

19. Room Shop Vintage Orchid Overdye, $68

protective masksSource: Room Shop Vintage

These double-layered cotton masks have a canvas outer layer and a cotton lining. The tie is also made from headband elastic to prevent hair tangling, making it ideal for anyone with long hair. There’s five in each pack, one for each of your quaran-team!

20. Kitsch Blush Face Mask Set, $9 for Three

protective mask Source: Kitsch

Kitsch – our fave hair accessory brand – is now making masks to help keep you protected. Each set contains three masks in cute, varying designs made from ply-cotton. The brand has also announced that they’ll be donating $10,000 worth of masks to hairstylists and salons when the salons re-open.

Finally, check out the World Health Organization’s guidelines for wearing a mask in public to ensure your safety:

  • “Before putting on a mask, clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.”
  • “Cover mouth and nose with mask and make sure there are no gaps between your face and the mask”
  • “Avoid touching the mask while using it; if you do, clean your hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.”
  • “Replace the mask with a new one as soon as it is damp and do not re-use single-use masks.”
  • “To remove the mask: remove it from behind (do not touch the front of the mask); clean hands with alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water.”

Which face mask do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below.