This Is The Hair Product You Need For Healthy Hair


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When it comes to skincare, if you’re anything like us, you’ll have tons of products that you use religiously to keep your skin as happy and healthy as possible. But one area that most of us neglect is our scalp. The thing is, our scalp is technically skin too, but we rarely show it the love it deserves. We’ve found that giving our scalp a little TLC does a whole lot more good than a great conditioner. We’re talking added shine, increased volume, and speedy growth, so we’re sharing our fave hair scrubs and why they’re so important.

Why it’s important to use a scalp scrub

The truth is, healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. By exfoliating your scalp, you’ll help detoxify and rebalance the pH level so that it’s less likely to flake or become irritated. It’ll also help shed any dead skin that’s blocking hair follicles and remove product buildup, which otherwise results in greasy, dirty hair. Most scrubs also contain hydrating ingredients to moisturize and soften the scalp and boost shine. Plus, by massaging the scrub into your scalp, you’ll stimulate blood circulation, which also helps encourage growth and increase shine. Here are our top five tried and tested hair-detoxing scalp scrubs.

1. Ouai Scalp and Body Scrub, $38

OuaiJen Atkin is literally a hair goddess, so of course, her OUAI Scalp and Body Scrub is our absolute fave! Jen herself described it as “rehab for your scalp and skin,” and we totally agree. The all-natural, deep cleansing scrub gently exfoliates while nourishing the scalp with mega-hydrator coconut oil. It also features a probiotic blend to support and strengthen the microbiome’s natural defense. Plus, just like our other fave OUAI products, it smells absolutely divine – it’s scented with rose, lychee, cedarwood, and white musk, so we lather it ALL over our body too!

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2. Christophe Robin Cleansing Purifying Scrub with Sea Salt, $53

scalp scrubsThis award-winning sea salt scrub is the ultimate detox for scalps in need. If you use dry shampoo or styling creams regularly, you need this scrub in your life! It’s also perfect for oily scalps (if your skin type is oily, chances are your scalp will be too) as it soaks up the oils. The sea salt will purify the scalp while exfoliating the skin, helping to eliminate any impurities and dead debris that’s blocking your hair follicles. It’ll also rebalance the scalp and balance oil production to keep greasiness away. Although, as it is a salt scrub, make sure you follow with a rich, nourishing conditioner.

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3. Christophe Robin Cleansing Volumizing Paste with Pure Rassoul Clay and Rose Extracts, $53

Scalp scrubsAlthough this isn’t a traditional hair scrub, it’ll cleanse your scalp and add some major volume. We like to use it after we’ve used the Christophe Scrub – it’s the ultimate scalp care ritual. The formula transforms into a lightweight foam and features Rassoul mineral clay to absorb dirt and other impurities while also strengthening the hair follicle for increased volume from the root. The rose water will nourish your hair and help combat free radical damage, as it’s bursting with antioxidants.

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4. IGK Low Key Cleansing Walnut Scalp Scrub, $36

Scalp scrubSource: IGK

This walnut scrub is super gentle, so it’s ideal if you have sensitive skin or are prone to dandruff. The scrub uses sugar instead of salt to exfoliate and soothe over-worked scalps. It contains a skincare miracle ingredient, apple cider vinegar, to help detoxify and rebalance your scalp’s pH levels. It also features antioxidant-rich ingredients: coconut water, guava, and walnut oil to nourish the scalp and fight free radicals that cause hair damage. It smells delicious too, with notes of guava and vanilla.

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5. Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo, $42

scalp scrubsAnother great detoxifying scrub, this scrubbing shampoo is infused with Binchotan charcoal that draws out impurities from your scalp, leaving it feeling clean and clear. The natural micro-exfoliators help remove product buildup while the combination of peppermint and spearmint oils will relieve any itchiness. As if that wasn’t enough, it also contains antiseptic tea tree oil and healing coconut oil which keeps dryness and flaking at bay.

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Let us know if you’ve used any of these scalp scrubs in the comments below, and which is your fave.